Agreement On Ira And Ckd

2021-02-11   |   by CusiGO

Whenever Catalonians feel that Republicans may sabotage their plans, Catalonian’s junts per Catalunya has the ability to weaken and constrain the century old ERC. The documents signed by the sovereigns and the independents, including the Catalan platform for independence, which is composed of the former leaders of the ANC and the advocates of the PSC’s veto power, put ERC in the camp against the “state”, and there is no room for alliance with the socialist party and combodem. The agreement was sealed: the undersigned promised not to enter into a government formation agreement with the PSC. The Republican’s name is Sergi sariya, not candidate Pere Aragones, which gives junts a chance not to relax in the election war with ERC, and not to question what the Republican led by Ollier juquilas will eventually do. Before the vote, the two camps remained firm opponents, and Laura Boras’s candidacy was the most vulnerable, trying to keep Republicans on the defensive. The agreement reached by ERC and PSOE in Congress to support the coalition government is evidence that there has been no discussion except for the benefits they may bring.

There is nothing in the signed agreement except to support the veto power of El Salvador IRA as president. In the independence speech, socialist candidates, such as his party PSC and sister organization PSOE, were part of “155.”, Catalonia’s Constitution states that after the parliament of Catalonia illegally declared independence, the central government of Catalonia intervened through the voting of socialists. Whether or not there is a veto, the possibility that ERC will push Laura Borr á s to the presidency has always been the assumption of PSC. The socialists were, and are, more interested in the best that the Republicans could achieve than IRA was in him.

If everyone opposes the motion in writing, it may cause some vacillation in theory. The socialist candidates will call for all constitutional votes, of course, referendum, but also for the United Nations. This force, led by J é Sica albiach, aims to win the support of ERC voters who do not want to repeat the mistakes of a largely independent government led by junts. On the left side of the court, the most painful thing is disqualification. After the agreement was signed, world cup candidate Dolors sabater accused United Nations brother com ú podem of saying: “the house of Commons has been the pillar of the 78 year regime.”. All of these are reviewed, but ERC has the responsibility to determine the color of the government. Before voting, he had chosen. Or independent or repeated elections.