The Supreme Court Confirmed That Etala Amboto Was Tried For The First Time In Spain And Sentenced To 122 Years In Prison

2021-02-10   |   by CusiGO

The Supreme Court confirmed that former ETA leader Soledad iparraguirre was sentenced to 122 years in prison for ordering the murder of army commander Luciano Cortizo Alonso in Leon in 1995 when he was driving with his daughter when he detonated a Lapa bomb under his seat, causing serious injuries. This is the first trial facing amberto in Spain since he was handed over to France in 2019, where he served 12 sentences.

Since her surrender, soleda iparaguer has been on the bench three times and has been condemned for these acts alone. She was acquitted of ordering an attack in Oviedo in 1997 and is still awaiting a verdict for her involvement in an attempted attack on a national police facility at a sports centre in mendizoroza (Victoria) in 1985.

The Supreme Court supported the ruling of the national court and rejected the appeal of ipraguirre. According to the national hearing, soleda ipalaguer issued instructions and found evidence in the ETA bomb that killed commander cotizo in 1995.

Former ETA leaders Jos é Antonio urrutikoetxea and josu tenera were responsible for reading the May 3, 2018 communique, which announced the final “dissolution” of the armed groups.