“The Psoe Is Extending The Amnesty Because It’S Fighting For A Referendum.”

2021-02-10   |   by CusiGO

A 41 year old Valencian, J é ssica albiach, a candidate from nkombodem, defended a left-wing government that would replace ERC and junts as independent administrations.

Questions. They have eight seats and they didn’t take off in the polls. Are you afraid of useful voting in PSC?

answer. What matters is not the first, but the increase of the majority. What’s useful is to say what our vote will do: to provide the only real alternative to the current chaos. We have not made any progress in the social and national fields.

Q. They seem to be in a hurry: in their election announcement, they admit they won’t win and urge ERC and PSC not to veto…

A. People are fed up. It’s important to stick to the truth. We will definitely not win, but without us, there will be no change in the government. There won’t be an absolute majority, everyone has to agree.

P. El Salvador IRA said he just wanted to do it with you.

A. We need horizontal agreements and 68 seats. Arithmetic is difficult. It’s not about two people.

P. The situation in 2003. ERC can then choose between PSC and CIU and select PSC. What do you think you are going to do now?

A. I don’t know, but I hope you’re right. I’m sure you’ll look to the left. Junts is on the right, and nationalism is becoming more and more exclusive. In Barcelona, ERC is a priority partner and we have agreed to connect trams and accounts. In the central government, it allows for empowerment and budgeting.

P. You are a critic, but you give the government a green light.

A. We can no longer carry forward the account. We’ve increased health care costs by 900 million dollars, and we’ve reduced college tuition by 30 percent.

As a result of Manuel Valls’ vote, p.erc and PSC were rejected, and Ida Klau became mayor. What happens to IRA and vox?

A. No, Pedro Sanchez mistakenly said that Vaux is in a higher position than the BJP. It is dangerous to give him a democratic complexion. Vox is outside any alliance.

P. But he can vote for IRA, not for an independent candidate.

A. They say it won’t happen. You shouldn’t invest in anyone with your vows.

Q. Is amnesty for prisoners slow?

A. If we want to resolve the conflict, we need a dialogue table, and it’s hard to make progress with them in prison. The Supreme Court’s decision has brought the crime rate to the highest level: it seems more revenge than justice. Sedition is different from other European countries. Their freedom is a pressing issue that cannot be relied on by elections or campaigns, it has caused pain, and we see that the PSOE, our intuition, is delaying resolution time because it is looking for and capturing referendums.

Q. You accuse IRA of saying “enough” without a solution. What do you want?

A. Turning a new page needs to solve the problem. They want to know if they are under the carpet. There are also many people in Catalonia who want to vote on the relationship between Catalonia and Spain.

P. Prisoners at junts and ERC are asking for amnesty.

A. We didn’t refuse, but it didn’t have enough power. Amnesty, criminal law reform and Amnesty are necessary and supplementary means.

P. There was no support for the referendum, and in combodem, he won two elections with the national flag. Don’t you believe him? IRA says it’s crazy…

A. So PSC and illa defended him until the day before yesterday. The referendum is our agenda. Our choice is to create a multi-ethnic Republic, not just to vote for or against independence, so that if he wins, nothing will change. The referendum is a horizon. The important thing is not to stand by. No state leader defended him like Paul Iglesias.

Q. Are you right or wrong when you compare Republican exile to Carles puygedmont?

A. He explained it very well. King Juan Carlos is a man who escapes from justice. Puygedmont lives in political exile. He clearly realizes that his situation is incomparable with that of Republican exiles. It’s a dictatorship, it’s a democracy, not perfect, but democracy.

P. Iglesias said it’s not a standardized democracy. Because we’re running?

A. It is common sense that Spain can make great progress in fighting for rights. [Paul] if Hassi does not change according to our law, he will go to prison for his song. The housing right of many families is not guaranteed.

P. Two of your former members are in CKD. They lost their most sovereign wings?

A. This is to cover up ideological differences. The fact that Jaume asens is with us proves what we’ve been doing.

P. Noria bell won the podham 14-F primary, but she wasn’t on the list. What happened?

A. Ask bodham. The list crosses with the name of every game he plays.