The Prison Break Campaigned In The Distance

2021-02-10   |   by CusiGO

Since the battle of Catalonia began on January 28, Carls puygedmont has started from his 550 square meter residence in Waterloo, Belgium, and stood in front of a turquoise colored stage with the emblem of his political party, Catalonia, on both sides of which there are two flags, one is the Catalan flag, the other is the Catalan flag. In Europe, he addressed the audience more than 1000 kilometers away via video conference: “good night, Badalona”, “good night, totosa”, “good night, Mataro”… There is a rally every day. Every rally, an independent commitment. But there is nothing new in essence: the former president, who has lived in Belgium for three years and three months, has been asked by the Spanish Ministry of justice to be the president of the Catalan government, which organizes an illegal referendum in 2017, and can be seen as a pioneer in telematics elections.

Since crossing the Pyrenees, he and other Catalan politicians who fled to Belgium have been organizing elections, campaigning and illuminating political parties through video conferencing. As one member of the European Parliament, who agreed with puigdemont in the chamber of the European Parliament, said, “politically, they lived in a pandemic before it.”

The covid campaign from Catalonia, affected by low attendance and decaffeinated rallies, is broadcast on youtube, twitter, instagram, live, and a complex technical triangle between multiple locations. “Good evening, dear Mr. President,” puygedmont, who is the presidential candidate of judges, paid tribute to puygedmont last Tuesday. She connected from Madrid to the Terrassa rally, where they connected to Waterloo, while the audience watched the conversation on the screen leaving, It’s like a game at pimpen. “Now we’re split…” Bora lamented, pausing dramatically. “But together. Let’s go to Catalonia. ”

Puig de Monte signed the “European Parliament member act” in January 2020, and took the last large-scale bath with about 100000 people in Perpignan, France, on February 29, 2020. At that time, the so-called “consell per la Republic” of the Republic was close to the edge of the pandemic, and was at the top of the judges list in Barcelona. However, his presence was symbolic: he gave up a possible inauguration and claimed that he did not even intend to be a member of the Catalan Parliament. He ran for cabinet meetings every day, where he shared leadership with others such as Boras and Elsa altadi, but he avoided the presence of the media. In the first eight days of the campaign, he gave only one interview. The strategy is to let the candidates play a leading role. He took part in the penultimate election so that he could introduce “the next president of Catalonia” after his telephone address.

According to Camilo s. baquero, the former president whose ID card has expired will have a symbolic vote at 14-F, and if he sets foot in Spain, he will be immediately arrested: a spokesman for his office explained that a citizen who does not intend to vote will give the right to vote to puygmont, a formula he used in other elections.

The coronavirus has also stopped the travel craze of Catalan politicians, who are eager to bring independent speeches to European capitals (until 2020, he visited Berlin, London, Geneva, Dublin, Helsinki…), and hundreds of times visited the home of the Republic of Waterloo (“Marx Brothers’ cabin”, he called it A former Catalan MP, as described in puygedmont’s biography “the struggle in exile”). To some extent, its passage through the European Parliament did not produce the desired results: almost all the debates were overwhelmed and buried by the epidemic.

In any case, Belgium remains the center of the election, and Waterloo’s home is a headquarters. But in this country, there are not only strategies and plans. In addition to puygedmont, four Catalan politicians have been removed from office under Article 155 of the Constitution and have fled the Spanish judicial system since 2017. Two of them, former Minister of agriculture Meritxell Serret and former Minister of culture LLU í s Puig, were nominated as members of the Catalan Parliament and had the choice to be elected. The first is Esquire, the second is jutz; they are both telematics who often attend rallies and debates these days.

“I’ve taken a step forward,” said seret, who ranks second in Leda. “To prove that repression, political judicialization and denial of rights are futile and not good for anyone, and most importantly, it doesn’t prevent us from continuing to defend a legitimate political project.” Since 2018, Serrat has been the head of the Catalan government’s delegation to Brussels, and there is currently no European law requiring him to attend Spanish courts.

After the beheading of the puygedmont government, she was elected to Parliament in the December 2017 election, but she gave up her seat from Belgium in order to get enough votes in Parliament. Now, with the spread of the epidemic, it seems that the rules for member voting will be different. It does not even rule out the possibility of returning to Spanish territory, where the Supreme Court can appeal for non conformity, which does not mean that those who have been convicted will be imprisoned. We’re going to see what happens after the election, “she said in an interview with the application team just before she started holding a rally and speaking in Leda. “He’s going to join Oriol junkers,” she said excitedly. “I remember the last time we shared the stage was in 2017, in verafranka del penedes, when we were in the whole campaign on October 1,” he sighed. “It’s raining hard.”

Lulu í s Puig, the former chief executive of Barcelona, answers the phone late at night after a telematics election debate organized by casal Catalan in Brussels. Today’s technology, he said, gives me a ubiquitous gift: “I used to be in Belga and then online in toltosa,” which can cause “some kind of mental stress,” he admitted, despite the fact that he “appreciates finding familiar faces on the other side.”. At the Terrassa rally, Borr á s and puigdemon set out from Madrid and the Waterloo Delta, and he also set out from his self proclaimed home of the Republic. Puig explained that when they speak, the other side of the screen will be displayed. He was shocked to see his land. “The rally was 200 meters away from the house where I was born,” he said. He recalled his parents who had died in Belgium over the years.

Puig was promoted to cultural adviser in the last few rounds of the election and never ran in an election campaign. By contrast, since he left Catalonia, he has been part of the “four five”. They’re all virtual. “I always laugh,” he admits, “because in 2017 the opposition told us we were in the matrix and we were crazy. Well, listen, the epidemic – unfortunately, because no one is happy about it – has also brought about the empowerment of digital society. ” In Waterloo, he said, they began in 2017 to connect “like a rock band” with a team via video conferencing from the garage.

Like Serret, Puig was elected a member of the autonomous region in December 2017 and eventually gave up his seat so that another person could vote face to face. He also thinks it will be different this time: “I can be involved in decision-making.” Puig’s government delegation in Brussels, as the head of Catalonia’s cultural internationalization program, is part of the founding core of the junts brand created around Puig de Monte. He believes that the distance imposed by Belgium has diluted esquilla and the French culture to a certain extent His political party in Catalonia said here that “there is no fierce struggle” and that they are united “by the same empirical fact”. (in the words of Serrat, “differences are the same, but good relationships exist outside of differences.”)

Recently, Puig played an important role in Spain’s first major judicial failure against fugitives: in early January, the Belgian court rejected the European arrest warrant against him, a decision that may mark Puig de Monte’s judicial future and is currently protected by his immunity as a member of the European Parliament.

Among the politicians who settled in Belgium, the most obscure roles in the election campaign were two of puygedmont’s other colleagues in the European Parliament, former Catalan congressmen Anthony Koman and Clara ponsaty, who also fled. None of them is a candidate on the junts list, although comen participated in some of the campaign debates via videoconferencing. If Borra’s list and independency are sufficiently supported, their role can be left to the future: Koeman is the vice president of the so-called Ministry of protocol of the Republic, an institution set up in Waterloo with members including puygmont (president), ponsaty and puygue.

Where appropriate, the agency will form a parallel government after the election, which is different from the “autonomous body”, in accordance with the election plan of junts. It will immediately be recognized as a “national authority” (without a vote), with the right “to lead the independence movement as the preserver of the 1-O mission” and to undertake the establishment of a “political structure to carry out, if necessary, work that cannot be done by statutory bodies”.