Prosecutors Accused A Fascist Group Of Harassing Young Immigrants

2021-02-10   |   by CusiGO

The prosecutor’s office in Madrid is trying to stop a fascist group, the “battlefront”, which keeps sending xenophobic messages and is said to incite harassment of immigrant children and adolescents. The prosecutor’s office has appealed against this group of young people aged 14 to 30, which calls itself the “National Youth Movement” and whose ideology is based on “violent extremism identified with the right wing,” the prosecutor’s office announced in a statement. He made it a hate crime to spread false information about underage immigrants and participate in extreme movements.

The decision was made after the public prosecution collected a series of positive bastions of racism, which also posted messages on its social media about homophobia, denial of the Holocaust and opposition to democratic regimes. According to the letter from the prosecutor’s office, the complaint was based on a statement issued by the local police in Madrid on July 9, 2020, in which the coordinator of Casa de Campo minor shelter described how a group of “Neo Nazis” planted a placard next to the facility, which read “let’s get our community back.”, Deportation. This is the beginning of the investigation.

Since then, the office of the prosecutor has begun to collect data on this group and has submitted another initiative to the altaleza children’s center, where it displays another banner that reads “neither center nor assistance.”. On October 14, a protest called for the expulsion of unaccompanied immigrant minors on the streets of the canilejas District of San Blas, finally in front of a foundation managed apartment for Maghreb minors under the guardianship of the Madrid community. During that demonstration, the Nazis saluted them, displayed banners with extreme slogans of power and honor, and issued insults and death threats: “Saint Blas will be the tomb of Minas.”, “Leave our neighbors” or “in San Blas, there’s no fuckin ‘Middle East and North Africa.”

The organization, also made up of members of the aesthetic skinhead party, widely uses the Internet to disseminate its racist and xenophobic manifestos against foreign minors and link them with crime. In the letter, prosecutors raised several issues: “they are hotbeds of theft, crime and rape. Communities have become areas of insecurity and violence. We don’t want them in the community or in the city. In a country house, in hotaleza or somewhere else. We want them to leave our borders. ” Local police reported that even the “front line fortress” had published a picture of a minor immigrant accusing him of raping a girl “when they knew that the person responsible for the sexual assault did not belong to the group”.

The Spanish prosecutor’s office is not the only body to investigate these groups. A French prosecutor is investigating “public incitement to racial hatred” and “identity generation”, a group of people under the age of 30 who have similarly targeted “Arab Muslim” immigrants. The French interior minister, G é rald darmanin, wants to disband them.