Tracking Test Is Carried Out Through The B-Box Of Pp

2021-02-09   |   by CusiGO

On Monday, the people’s party’s b-box trial began nationwide, also known as the “Bassana newspaper” trial. The court will have to rule on the reform of b-box and Madrid’s Genoa Street training center, which the people’s party has kept for nearly 20 years, and the money is said to have been paid with black money. Luis B á rcenas, a popular former president, submitted a statement to the office of the prosecutor against corruption in recent days, in which he said that the party was illegally funded between 1982 and 2009, and that the donations received by the people’s party were in exchange for public contracts.

Five people are sitting in the dock. In addition to the people’s party manager and treasurer balsenas, who was sentenced to 29 years’ imprisonment from 1990 to 2009, there is a former senior party official: Christopher balpaz, who once served as deputy to the national manager. He is said to have received 12000 Euro 500 euro notes in the form of “bonus”. Architects Gonzalo Urquijo and Bel é n Garc í a, managers of unifia, which reformed Genoa’s headquarters, and Laura Montero, project manager of Bethlehem Garc í a, will sit next to him.