Barcelona Will Pay For Repainting Murals Supporting Hassle And Criticizing The Retired King

2021-02-09   |   by CusiGO

A day after Barcelona’s mayor ADA colau and two city councillors from bcomu asked for forgiveness after a municipal cleaning team wiped it out, the city hall asked the graffiti writer, who named the retired king a thief, to be repainted. Marc Serra, a city councilor, announced on Tuesday that the city council would pay for repainting the mural to support rapper Pablo hasel, who criticized Juan Carlos I in the mural.

The mural was painted on Sunday by artist ROC blackblock on a wall in three ximias squares on par LEL Avenue, and he has the right to do so. The painting depicts the face of a retired King surrounded by supportive sentences for hassle, who was convicted of inciting terrorism and insulting the royal family for his songs. On Monday, a municipal cleaning team cleared the mural, leaving 10 graffiti intact around black block. According to the honourable Eloy Badia, who is in charge of the cleaning service, the order to demolish the mural was issued by the city guard, and the government team asked the police force for an explanation.

Marc Serra, a congressman from St. Mont, left Monday in response to criticism, apologizing that it was a “human error” and did not respond to any “political instructions.”. On Tuesday, he took another step by tweeting a warning: “when something goes wrong, you not only have to apologize, you have to fix it.” “That’s why we’ve talked to ROC blackblock, the author of the mural, and the entity that manages the wall of freedom to redraw the mural. We hope it will happen soon, “sella tweeted.

The chief executive of the district assured that the city council would bear the cost of repainting the murals. “All of this will help to review performance protocols and prevent recurrence. The only thing that can benefit from this debate is freedom of speech, “the MP wrote.

So far, it has not been revealed which headquarters ordered the removal of the mural during the tenure of the city guard or security mayor.