Two Mogan Policemen Have Been Sentenced To Seven Years In Prison For Torturing And Injuring A Senegalese Immigrant

2021-02-08   |   by CusiGO

The high court of Las Palmas province sentenced two local police officers Gilberto j.m.r. and Carlos j.h.r. of Mogan (Southwestern great Canary) to seven years and six months’ imprisonment for torture and wounding a Senegalese immigrant in January 2011. The judgment also stipulates that the two defendants are totally disqualified for 10 years and are obliged to compensate the victim for 43681 euros.

This tourist town has been one of the hot spots for Canary islanders since last summer. In addition to areas such as Puerto Rico or Mogan beach, the country has an aguinguin wharf, which holds more than 2500 people. Her mayor, onalia Bueno, has threatened to fine hotels that continue to host immigrants, and her neighbors have repeatedly protested against illegal immigration.

The victim will receive 20 745.75 euro of injury, 2 936 euro of sequelae and 20 000 euro of mental injury. The judge’s decision declared that the Mogan City Council had a subsidiary civil liability for the payment of these payments, which could be appealed to the Supreme Court.

The verdict proved that at 21:40 on January 8, 2011, both convicted persons were wearing plain clothes to serve in the Puerto Rican shopping mall (Mogan). Once, a defendant approached the victim, who was standing on the terrace of a restaurant selling necklaces on the top floor. Without recognizing him as an official of the authority, the officials contacted him and asked him to “follow him to a remote place”, which he explained in detail.

The victim, who knew the local police, was accused of intervening in an operation a few days ago against one of his cousins, who was injured while selling in the street.

The victim claimed that the verdict “felt fear of his own integrity and ran away.” From the top floor to a supermarket on the first floor, a defendant successfully arrived at the shopping center. “He stepped on a pedal, and when the victim fell to the ground, he kicked him hard twice, punched him, and then put himself on it to hold him,” the court ruling said.

Subsequently, the chamber continued to “drag him out of the detention facility” with an accomplice outside. Both defendants beat the victim with batons or similar blunt instruments, resulting in the fracture of the victim’s arm as a result of a “violent” beating. A person under investigation. Then they tied the immigrant to his seat belt and threw him on the ground, while the injured emphasized the room to the people nearby, “screaming in pain and asking for help.”.

“I had blood in my eyes and hands, but still they beat me into a dark room. He explained on the first day of the trial, “I didn’t have the strength to get rid of the beatings I had, and that’s why I didn’t resist.”.

Once the victim is knocked down and has been injured by the assault, the defendant “shackles his right hand and forcibly drags him between them, grabs his arm and fastens his seat belt, Even the police force (…) chose a road without a safety camera and beat different parts of his body many times on the road, seriously damaging his integrity and dignity. ” The reason for the arrest was a suspected crime of assault, resistance and serious disobedience, and the investigation ended with “insufficient proof of the crime that led to the formation of the case.”.

During the transfer, he described the verdict in detail, with the victim “reeling from pain, asking everyone present for help and shouting for help from the National Guard.”.

According to the verdict, the beating did not stop there. “Once in the facilities used by the police, the accused continues to beat the detainee.” At the same time, a group of people gathered outside the police station, some of whom were alert to the violence of the police, others were “Senegalese acquaintances and compatriots” of the victims, who warned each other and voiced their solidarity and support for the detainees, “all of which are true In a peaceful way. ” At about 11 p.m., the victim was transferred to the health centre in arguineguin and then taken to the emergency room of St. ROC mellonalas hospital, where he was treated and searched by the relevant officials.