The Government Will Change The Law So That Rapper Hassle Won’T Go To Jail

2021-02-08   |   by CusiGO

The government is preparing to amend the criminal code to ensure that crimes related to freedom of expression, such as those of rapper Pablo hasel, do not involve imprisonment. He is about to go to jail hours after more than 200 artists made a statement defending the musician.

At the end of January, the National High Court ordered the imprisonment of Pablo hasel, the stage name of Pablo rivadulla Duro, who was sentenced to nine months and one day in prison at the Supreme Court in May 2020 for inciting terrorism and insulting the royal family and state institutions. In a note, the government assured that “the Ministry of justice will consider reviewing crimes related to the excessive exercise of freedom of expression in order to punish and punish only those acts that clearly constitute a risk to public order or incite certain acts of violence Dissuasive, but not custodial. ” The text does not explicitly mention hassle and other convicted rappers or musicians, but this relationship is obvious. “In its proposal, the ministry considers that no criminal penalty should be imposed for any verbal excesses committed in artistic, cultural or intellectual expressions.

In this regard, the government believes that criminal law is neither the most useful tool nor necessary, nor, of course, the proportionality of the response to the act, even if it may be close to illegality, as announced by the constitutional court, the punishment of criminal law will hinder freedom of expression, The European Court of human rights, the European Union and most Spanish theories, “the government’s note added. The administration has committed itself to a thorough reform of the criminal code, including, inter Alia, the revision of sedition offences to reduce the penalties for trials, which is the framework of this reform.

The fact that hassle had to go to jail dates back to 2014-2016, when he posted 64 messages on Twitter and a song on YouTube. In a letter published in March 2016, he wrote next to a picture of Grabo Victoria Gomez, a member of the terrorist organization: “demonstrations are necessary, but not enough. Let’s support those who go further.” He also accused the retired king and Philip VI of a number of crimes, including murder and embezzlement. “Friends of the kingdom of Spain bombed hospitals while Juan Carlos went whoring with them,” he wrote in January 2018. One day’s imprisonment and a fine of 24300 euros. However, the agency’s appeals chamber reduced the sentence to nine months and one day because it believed that, although it had committed a convicted offence, the minimum penalty prescribed by law should be applied because its information had no “real risk” to the individual. The Supreme Court confirmed this decision in May 2020.

For the signers of the declaration, a list of generations of musicians, groups, actors and filmmakers, including Joan Manuel Serrat, Javier and Carlos Baden, Pedro almodova, Alberto San Juan, valtonic, Julian Hernandez, def con DOS, Montessori almendariz, Jose Santiago, Frank T, Fernando truba, Emma Suarez, Luis tosar, Antonio de la Torre, vitusta mora, Alba Flores, Ismail Serrano, Alvaro Mott, Paco Leon, Santiago othellon, coco Mela, isaki l’aquista, drugs, Willie Toledo, Pepe viyula, Christina huette, Leiden, ska-p, tot king, Fermi muguruza or iziar iturino, “The imprisonment of Pablo Hassell has made the sword of Damocles more apparent over all public figures who dare to publicly criticize the performance of any state institution. This situation needs to be disseminated at the international level to highlight our current situation. We know that if we put Paul in jail, they can come to any of us tomorrow, so that they can calm down any dissenting sighs. “