Bassanas Wants To Meet Rajoy Face To Face During The B-Box Trial.

2021-02-08   |   by CusiGO

Luis B á rcenas’s first defense action soon entered the trial of the BJP b-box, which began at a national hearing on Monday and covered previous issues. Gustavo gal á n, a lawyer for the people’s prosecutor, supported the initiative of Mariano Rajoy, a former president of the government and former leader of the conservative party, to testify at an oral hearing, which was arranged in response to the people’s accusations. But beyond that, the lawyer went further and argued to the court that he was even in favor of a confrontation between his client and the former chief executive.

This possibility will help to verify the testimony of Rajoy and balsenas on the spot, which has been raised in the main trial of the G ü RTEL plot, known as “time one”, which ended in 2018 when the people’s party was convicted of benefiting from the corrupt network led by Francisco Correa. At that oral hearing, a popular charge was made by the European Democratic Lawyers Association (adade), which raised a confrontation between extesorer and the then president of the government, but the court dismissed the charge.

This new Bassana movement is not a ballad. This came after he submitted a letter to the office of the prosecutor against corruption on January 26, in which he acknowledged for the first time that the government of Jos é Maria asnar had awarded public works in return for donations to the party, which were still being investigated at national hearings. In the documents submitted to the prosecutor’s office, the distributor also specifically charged Rajoy with ink. Rajoy attributed the prize money collected from Box B to him and accused him of destroying a document on parallel accounting kept by Barcenas in the office.

The trial of Box B of the people’s party began on Monday and is divided into a pre-trial stage. Luis B á rcenas, the predecessor of the people’s party, sits on the bench with three uniformers, the company that reformed the popular headquarters on the streets of Genoa in Madrid: Architects Gonzalo Urquijo, Bel é n Garc í A and Laura Montero. Christopher P á EZ, a former conservative training manager, was also charged with not attending the national hearing this morning because he found himself quarantined with coronavirus.

In the indictment, the prosecutor’s office demanded that bassanas be jailed for five years, Paz for 18 months, urkijo and Garcia for three years and 10 months, while the National Bar Association demanded that extesorer be jailed for three years, Paz for one year, and unifia administrators for five years and 9 months. In particular and popular charges, those involved in the conspiracy, including Laura Montero, can be convicted for up to 35 years for bassanas and pace, and for up to 19 years for the other three. It also demanded that the people’s party, as an affiliated civil liability, be sentenced to pay more than 1 million euros.