Angel Flores (Aka “Casper”) Is Dead, A Violent Drug Dealer Who Stole Paintings From Coplovitz

2021-02-08   |   by CusiGO

Angel Su á rez Flores, also known as Casper, 61, a known criminal, was sentenced to 90 years’ imprisonment in 2015 for trafficking in drugs, threats, illegal detention, torture, wounding and stealing art from Esther coplovitz’s family, Kaspar died of cancer in Madrid on Saturday. In November last year, he was granted Level 3 humanitarian status under Article 104, which provides that convicted persons suffering from very serious and incurable diseases can enter the semi liberal system. According to police, he has been on probation since January and died of lymphoma at the Madri Gregorio Maranon hospital on Saturday.

Angel Su á rez Flores was arrested in 2011 at his home in majadahongda, Madrid, for fighting organized crime. He led a violent drug trafficking gang. Four years later, he was sentenced to 90 years’ imprisonment for many crimes, including torture, threat, injury, drug trafficking, illegal detention or illegal possession of weapons.

He and his gang have been accused of supplying drugs to other gangs by violent means, sometimes in plain clothes. This is not the only time Caspar has been convicted. He was sentenced to one year’s imprisonment in 2004 for stealing 17 paintings from Esther coplovitz’s home on Havana Avenue in Madrid in 2001.