Vox Grows With Independent Harassment At The Expense Of The People’S Party

2021-02-07   |   by CusiGO

It’s Saturday morning. Half an hour before the event, dozens of people protested loudly at the entrance to the Mars camp in downtown talagona. They yelled, “our baris! “Get the fascists out of our community!” They whistle. Esquara mossos had been stopping the vox team until they passed. Abascal (brown leather windbreaker, velvet shirt, skinny jeans) stood in front of the protestors and indicated victory with his fingers.

In the afternoon, in Vick (Barcelona), the opposite is true. Hundreds of independents besieged vox supporters in a corner of mayor’s Square, which has huge stone tablets. The leaders of the Bipartisan Campaign know that going to the regional capital of ossona (70% of the independent vote, which radical groups call for a boycott) is in the wolf’s mouth, but violence is rampant. Catalan police riot officers were almost unable to clear the corner where the voices of secretary general Javier Ortega Smith and government candidate Ignacio gariga were drowned by screams, beeps and firecrackers. The bodyguards were carrying a big umbrella, which was a rain proof parapet filled with cans, eggs, stones and flour. After a tense walk, the vox team avoided the objects thrown at them. A madman climbed on the roof of a moving car and kicked it out. One vox supporter was injured, with broken glass in the car and sunken body.

The presence of hostile protestors is a feature of vox’s campaign, which accused other parties of silence. On Saturday, Pablo Casado, the leader of the people’s party, and ines arrimada, a citizen, finally broke the deadlock, denouncing and claiming that they had been harassed before. Paradoxically, those who try to suppress extremists by disrupting rallies are their biggest spokesmen. Aggression is more photogenic than boring speeches, and on social media, vox is more attractive to those who insult you than to those who applaud you. Events that were ignored due to low attendance attracted media attention to events around them.

You can’t say vox pokes at your meeting, because there’s no vox and there’s no meeting. According to the official appeal, what he did was “make a statement [to the press], although journalists could not ask any questions. Even when Party spokesman Jorge buxad é complained that “the press is allowed to work freely while in prison.”. Vox’s proposal is not to restrict the press (although it did close TV3 and radio Catalonia, the government’s public media), but to “open all business, because all work is essential” from February 14 If it wins the election.

Vox does not deny the epidemic, but it does deny the effectiveness of closures and curfews, and pushes the open bar policy of Madrid president Isabel D í AZ ayuso to the extreme, which is the opposite of the policy pursued by self-governing officials of their own parties, such as Galicia or Andalusia. Hoteliers and businessmen are uneasy about forced closures without compensation, a pool of votes vox used in the campaign. “They want us to believe that the virus stopped your work, which is not true: they (other politicians) stopped your work,” Garriga said.

This new flag complements two traditional flags: the belligerence against the independents, which their party wants to outlaw; and the rejection of immigrants, especially Muslims. Instead of proposing an election plan for the 14-F like other political parties, vox has put forward a 10 point program, two of which are specifically for irregular immigrants who are linked to crime and call for the closure of centers for Unaccompanied foreign minors. Several of his candidates in Barcelona, including Juan Garriga No. 3 and Monica Lora No. 5, are leaders of the Catalan platform xenophobic Party (PXC) and are currently on trial for hate crimes. Vox’s campaign against the so-called “Islamization of Catalonia” has infuriated some sectors with which it is trying to connect (such as the neighbors of Spanish Muslim immigrants), calling its community a “multicultural junkyard” or describing ripol as a “cradle of jihadism.”.

Nevertheless, Abbas Carr predicted that vox would play “a historic role” in 14-F and produce “spectacular results”. He did not specify what he meant by “spectacular”. He just predicts that he will get his own group in parliament, which is not much, because only in Barcelona Province, he only needs to repeat the results of November 10 to have the five members he needs.

It is sorpasso of the people’s party that abascal hopes and remains silent. Some polls, such as the shining barometer of the CIS, predict this, although most of them show a technical draw and a slight advantage over popular polls. Vox has overtaken Catalan citizens in Catalonia’s last generals and in the people’s party in the provinces of talagona and Girona, so a turnaround is just around the corner. Vox sources acknowledged that this would be a cold-blooded revenge after the leader of the people’s party held a no confidence motion debate on October 22 against Abbas Kar’s imprisonment. “It doesn’t weaken Abbas Carr, but it may be the secret of marriage,” Watian said.

Vox leaders don’t even want to lie to him because he knows that the higher his expectations, the more likely he is to hit himself. The nightmare would be the result of vox’s decision to make IRA President: Although he vowed never to support the socialist candidate, his voters would not forgive him for bringing the “independent Mafia” to power.

No matter what you do on Sunday, Abbas Carr will sing the victory song. First of all, because part of it is that there are no seats, and, as it keeps repeating, “this is not a free election.”. He clarified that this did not mean that he would question the results. He just complains that “we are not all equal,” referring to the harassment he suffered. Vox is always on the edge: he calls the government illegal, but not illegal, and he questions the democracy, but not legitimacy, of elections.

Abascal managed to take advantage of the harassment of fanatics at the other end of the political spectrum, hoping that in Sunday’s Catalan election, at the risk of being broken, their strategy would translate into a rise in turnout. In 2007, there were almost 20% of the votes.