Pere Aragones: “The 14-F Result Will Not Make Us Abandon Our Strategy”

2021-02-07   |   by CusiGO

This is the second time ERC has approached the chairman of a democratic government. Pere Aragones (38 years old, Pineda de Mar, Barcelona) is confident that the 14-F will win. He makes it clear that the election results will not change the party’s “big line” towards independence, stop unilateralism, and bet on dialogue to force it to accept the agreed referendum.

Questions. They say it’s time for CKD. If Carles puygmont wins?

answer. We won the last two elections and the municipal elections. This willingness to change will reappear at 14-f.

Q. Do you feel that the position of the junts project on the issue of independence is the same as yours?

A. Our position has not changed: we put self-determination and Amnesty at the center, and more than 50 per cent of the votes are a very important driving force in defending the referendum. If anyone says that now, welcome. Citizens have to trust those who don’t change their words on weekends.

P. Agreement with PSC?

A. No, a PSC that accepts civic discourse is totally incompatible with a CKD that wants to lead the country towards independence. The people who have reached an agreement with PSC are already in CKD. El Salvador IRA also made it clear that he did not support the independents.

P. Despite his differences, Manuel Valls voted for IDA Klau.

A. When you attend the inauguration, you know who voted for you. Klau made some figures, and IRA was involved in the operation from the beginning. Their silence proves that if they can use them.

If he wins, will he attend the inauguration?

A. Of course. I promise you, if it’s up to vox to be president, I’ll never be.

Q. If junts wins, will he vote for them?

A. We were able to reach an agreement before. When the independents were skeptical about the choice between Aragorn and IRA, I was skeptical.

Q. You’re worried that junts won’t vote for you?

A. I’m not afraid.

P. Starting in 2017, he successfully brought ERC into this turning point and developed a strategy to pave the way for a unilateral approach. Will losing now make up for the bet?

A. Our strategy is not an election strategy. Reflection makes it clear that if we want to be independent, we have to overcome the limitations of October 2017. We need more people. We can’t leave the dialogue to the government.

P. But 14-F’s support for ERC will show whether voters are also involved in this strategy.

A. Win or lose you have to think about the outcome, but strengthen the strategy. We’re not going to give her up because she’s a good person. The other thing is to go around in circles.

P. As a result, bets on the deal and pressure from Congress will not be affected.

A. We have to be strict and use tools. No one can pretend that ERC did not win the last election.

Q. If Laura is convicted as a janitor, will you let her resign?

A. As for consultants, I have to go to the 15th floor to locate. First, the project. I will not judge Boras, but he will be an efficient and ethical executive.

Q: does ERC’s proposal to “expel Ibex-35 from public service” conflict with their private lives? He attended the wedding of the daughter of a senior executive.

A. Fortunately, people who have a personal relationship with me don’t always think like me. Otherwise, I am a sectarian, I am not.

P. His plan includes creating a “social tariff” to avoid the digital divide. The government failed to get power companies to pay for energy poverty. Will you work in a telecom company?

A. The government’s neglect of energy poverty forces us to seek solutions. This is a flat area. The government is making a major investment in the fiber optic networks these ISPs will use and is likely to negotiate.

Q. Why did they put forward the European fund plan during the election campaign?

A. Should we give up defending the potential projects we choose? The government is unhappy because it wants to monopolize management.

Q: what will happen during Pere Aragon’s presidency?

A. It will be the legislature for post pandemic reconstruction and democratic conflict resolution. The first is to call a national compact through a referendum to agree on a proposal for the dialogue table.

Is that table disinfected?

A. This table doesn’t exist because PSOE wants it and ERC forces it. Junts doubts that this is the main excuse for the government not to act. Repression doesn’t help either. I don’t know if the table will solve the problem, but we have to try.

P. The Department of justice supports the eavesdropping in the wallow case. Will ERC investigate possible violations by its former organization secretary, Xavier Vendrell?

A. This is a forward-looking investigation, investigating some contracts that have not been signed and having meaningless discussions in the course of the litigation. We often see justice being used to attack independence politically.

P. That’s what Boras said.

A. Some areas of the judiciary are opposed to independence. Boras has his defensive strategy and I hope everything can be solved. If there is a responsibility, let them go.

Q. Don’t you worry about getting a municipal Secretary to support your urban planning action by listening to the mediation between vanderell and ERC?

A. Finally, the question is what happened.

P. The Secretary candidate bendrell wanted, also from ERC, did run.

A. The changes to the city plan were approved by the plenary. We’re talking about a school.