Manual Resistance

2021-02-07   |   by CusiGO

Pedro Sanchez is not the only one with a resistance manual at PSOE. The mayors and editors of the PSC in Leda and Girona are the vanguard of the Constitutional Party, where independent implementation overwhelms the presence of CS and PP. “It was obviously a nationalist choice, populist, imposed on half the population, and I decided at the time that they would not make me feel excluded from my city. “They want us to be the capital of the so-called Republic of Catalonia,” recalled Silvia paneque, 48, a member of Parliament in Girona and head of the provincial list in the 14-F election. It highlights the city where Carles puigdemont was mayor (2011-2016). What is more symbolic or provocative than the change of Constitution Square to October 1 in February 2018? The Girona plenary adopted the resolution by vote of pdecat, ERC and cup.

In 2017, with the support of the Social Democratic Party, after the unilateral declaration of independence and the suspension of autonomy in 2017, it has become a common practice to paint in the headquarters of the Social Democratic Party, accuse its armed elements and painters of being traitors, and hold a rally against the buildings of the social democratic party in the time of the plenary session. The conviction and imprisonment of supporters of the trial further upset the atmosphere. “There are 17 seats on the list, and there are alternate seats… I couldn’t find anyone, I had to turn to my mother, my sister who had been away from town for 30 years, another girl who lived outside… People should not be martyrs. If you have a business, you risk resistance. Oscar Aparicio, 48, is second on the Girona list. Aparicio has been mayor of bisbal d’empord á since 2000, from 2011 to 2015. “But you’ll notice that the environment has changed. You noticed. I’m wearing a PSC mask, and I’ve softened my expression of blame. Another example is that in 2019, for the first time in a long time, we will be listed in mainland cities and towns. ”

The 12 PSC allegations consulted by the country agreed that, three and a half years after the sovereign challenge peaked, the climate is different. Everyone feels the wear and tear of independence. Agusti Jim é Nez, 48, mayor of torerona, concluded: “the pace has slowed down, and people are not in the front line because of swollen veins in the neck.”. Oscar ordeig, 42, nodded, topping the list for Leda and Edinburgh (12200 residents). But he warned: “there are still some villages where we have voters and people who support us but dare not make their stand. We tell you, it’s time to face the reality and defend your ideas freely. Its cost is getting lower and lower, but in a village with 100 residents, see whose face it is. Not to rule, but to oppose. ”

In the past decade, Sudoku games in these two provinces have become impossible due to the lack of chess pieces. As a result, socialists appeared in half of the places. “There’s a lot of social pressure, especially in rural areas, where it’s very complicated for PSCs to express themselves openly. But the environment has been changing since 2019. Marc lamua, first secretary and member of Parliament of Girona PSC, 40, said: “people are more willing to express their ideas than to fight anyone.”.

“We insist, because we will meet soon. “Reunion is for better mutual treatment, for listening, for compassion,” presidential candidate and former health minister Salvador illa said at the meeting. “This is a speech I’ve heard for many years at PSC. Maurici Jim é Nez, 41, joined ERC as mayor of Platja d’aro (11000 residents) and has been a mayor since the current parliamentary term. Protecting the secrets of the relationship? “We give priority to the objectives of the municipality. Neighbors. ”

In 2007, PSC had the largest number of mayors and councillors. In the same year, there were 10 mayors and 146 mayors out of 52 mayors and 458 mayors in Girona province. Leda also has this trend: from 58 mayors and 442 councillors to 12 and 127 councillors.

In 2019, the people’s party won 10 members and 6 Citizens in Leda province. At Girona CS, he obtained the minutes of 25 meetings and page 3.