Joseba Pagazaurtundua’S Family Warned Of “Retrogression In The Legalization Of Terrorism”

2021-02-07   |   by CusiGO

“Since ETA didn’t kill people, many people want to know why we speak in public. We do this because we see a retrogression in the legalization of terrorism, “said joseba pagazaurtundua, sister of the Andorran city police chief (gipuzkoa), a socialist activist who was killed by ETA in 2003. This year, together with friends and family, he reminded his brother in logronho that he could not go to Andorra because of the epidemic. Pagazar tudua read an article in which he said that the good election results of the left wing in aberzal “cannot hide the crime.”.

Pagazaurtundua guarantees that “constitutional memory requires consistency between words and deeds.”. In his view, the progress of the left and the reports of various political parties on him “is a retrogression, because they are legitimizing the violence in the past.”. “Some people will say that they have a lot of votes, but the number of perpetrators does not legitimize crime, and most people cannot erase the past of violence. “They show the anti democratic background they don’t give up,” he concluded After Fernando savater, the eldest son of the murdered, read an article, the participants laid flowers next to Augustin ibarrola’s memorial to victims of terrorism on Paseo del ESPON.

In the past two years, if Maite pagazar tudua asked the left-wing leader, abuzal otji, whether this purpose justified the murder of the gang, he directly criticized him for writing to “those convicted of ETA crimes” and telling them to join his party. In his view, this is “a fairly direct form of legalization” because otji tells them that “they need the strength and experience of those who have been convicted of terrible crimes.”. Pagazaurtundua also criticized maddalen iriart, a spokesman for EH bildu, who recently argued that the damage caused by ETA was “recognized” and that “whether it is unfair depends on every statement.”. “He said what he said was misunderstood, but he did repeat the same thing, saying that everyone had a story to tell,” Josepha’s sister recalled

ETA, a terrorist organization, has killed 853 people in 50 years of murder, kidnapping and destruction. In a statement on April 21, 2018, ETA acknowledged the “damage” caused in its “armed career” and asked for forgiveness for its actions, although only a part of the victims were defined as victims “Citizens who have no responsibility in conflict.” Since then, he has not specified how many people or who he is referring to.