Follow Up Judgment Guide For Pp Box B

2021-02-07   |   by CusiGO

In January 2013, the country disclosed its trial in the bassanas document case, which began at a national hearing on Monday, nearly six years after investigative judge Jose de ramatta closed the main line of investigation. Although there are only five people sitting on the bench, and the decision of the prosecutor’s office is far from that of other corruption cases, the political significance of this appointment does not go beyond the scope of political parties. The court will have to rule on the b-box, which the people’s party has kept for nearly 20 years, and the headquarters reform, which is said to be paid with black money. All of this is in the context of Catalonia, during the Catalan campaign, with the recent confession of the popular former president Luis B á rcenas as the background.

What is judgment. Dramata has filed a full set of alleged violations to be prosecuted. Although the judges who ruled on the main part of the G ü RTEL case, the so-called first era, have concluded that there is a “valid and sufficient evidence of charge” that can lead to the conclusion of “the existence of the b-box”, the new court will thoroughly investigate the matter. The people’s party implemented the system of “financing beyond the legal economic cycle” at least from 1990 to 2008. According to a statement sent to the office of the prosecutor against corruption on January 26, barsenas extended the period until 1982, adding that the parallel account would be funded by contributions in bold type from “persons associated with companies receiving major public rulings.”.

The money is out of control and used for various purposes. According to the instructor, there is ample evidence that, for example, he spent his time in party positions as compensation for his dedication to political activities – the popular former President talked about Mariano Rajoy, Maria Dolores de cospeda or Rodrigo Rato – and helping people associated with the political parties that were hit by the ETA terrorist attacks. It is also reported to have been used to pay for part of the renovation of the Madrid street music headquarters in Genoa. Ramata’s car, on the other hand, added that bassanas and his predecessor Alvaro lapuerta, who died in 2018, managed the flow of hundreds of thousands of euros.

Another key issue is the taxation of the people’s party, which did not submit the corresponding enterprise income tax returns in 2008. “As a result, it no longer reports to the IRS the amount of all donations it receives, which are recorded in the opaque accounting records of balsenas and Laputa,” deramata said. On the contrary, the trial will not discuss the open investigation route of bribery, which is still under investigation and aims to link the employer’s input with the franchise of public works. With the development of the country, the 600 million euros awarded by the asnar government and other contracts awarded by the Madrid community continue.

defendant. There were only five people on the bench. The most famous face is bassanas, a training manager and treasurer from 1990 to 2009, who was sentenced to 29 years in prison for the first century, but accompanied by Crist ó BAL P á EZ, a former senior people’s party official, He is deputy to the country manager and is said to have received 12000 euros in 500 euro notes as a “bonus.”. Next to him will be architects Gonzalo Urquijo and Bel é n Garc í a, managers of unifia, which reformed Genoa’s headquarters, and Laura Montero, its project manager.

The prosecutor’s office, state lawyers and others charged them with criminal organization, illegal Association, accounting fraud, document fraud, trading in influence, money laundering, election, financial harm and misappropriation.

Sadness. In the indictment, the prosecutor’s office demanded that bassanas be jailed for five years, Paz for 18 months, urkijo and Garcia for three years and 10 months, while the National Bar Association demanded that extesorer be jailed for three years, Paz for one year, and unifia administrators for five years and 9 months. In particular and popular charges, those involved in the conspiracy, including Laura Montero, can be convicted for up to 35 years for bassanas and pace, and for up to 19 years for the other three. It also demanded that the people’s party, as an affiliated civil liability, be sentenced to pay more than 1 million euros.

The main evidence. The document that the country disclosed on January 30, 2013 that it was baptized as a Brazilian is the main evidence. The prosecutor’s office defines it as “Louis barsenas completing and supervising Alvaro de la Plata’s parallel accounting statements.”. Among them was a sum of money “always in cash, out of control, in the safe in the office of the first people.”. Balsenas’ confession will help support the documents, although some people – such as PIO Garcia escudro, the former president of the Senate – have admitted receiving money reflecting the accounting records.

judge. The composition of the people’s court reveals another battle of the people’s party. Jos é Ricardo de Prada, a judge of the people’s court, was rejected by the people’s court. He is one of the authors of the time No.1 judgment, which has been accepted by the people’s courts all over the country. So the last terna is made up of Fernando Andreu, who the Conservatives are trying to exclude; Jos é Antonio moral ALARC ó n will be president; and Maria Fernanda Garc í a will be judge’s reporter.

meeting. The hearing is expected to take place at 46 meetings, starting on Monday, first at the pre-trial stage, followed by the defendant’s statement, and will last until May 20. Dozens of witnesses will also march in court: the first will be the person elected by the people’s party to represent its legal entity, who will testify on February 11, according to the judge’s agenda. The next issue is former congressman Jorge Trias, one of the first political positions to recognize the existence of parallel accounting.

After that, although no date has been set, the main dish will come. These include former government president and former training leaders Jose Maria asnar and Mariano Rajoy, Javier arenas, Francisco Alvarez castos, angel asebes and Maria Dolores decaspeda, former vice president Rodrigo Rato, former ministers Federico trilo and Jose Maria michavila; Former Senate speaker PIO Garcia escudro, former president Basil jam Matas and former senator Luis Fraga, nephews of the late founder of the people’s party Manuel Fraga, some of whom are considered bonus recipients in barsena’s newspapers.

Conversely, businessmen listed as donors in bassanas’ documents, such as sacyr vallehermoso, former president Luis del Rivero, or OHL, former President Jos é Mar í a Villar Mir, were also called to testify. Alfonso Garc í a Pozuelo, the boss of a Hispanic construction company, was sentenced to two years in prison in the main trial of the G ü RTEL case after admitting that he paid the corrupt network leader Francisco Correa in exchange for a public works prize. Rafael Palencia is another witness summoned: in a recording, he admitted to funding bassanas and Laputa on a regular basis.