Bassanas, Rajoy’S “Trouble”

2021-02-07   |   by CusiGO

Rajoy or Rajoy. His daily life, his manners, his pajora, his record keeping work are more comfortable than his 40 years of almost total political commitment, and the few friends and former colleagues he keeps in touch with. These people believe that Mariano Rajoy, the former president of the government and the people’s party, was “infuriated” recently when he was expelled from moncroya after the devastating g ü RTEL verdict. But matizan: “he was annoyed by the sullen atmosphere in Madrid, because lakovid had too many restrictions on movement, he was not allowed to go out to dinner with his friends and chat at his favorite table.” With regard to the upcoming trial of the barsena newspaper, all those questioned agreed: “there will be noise, but innocent people don’t have to prove themselves innocent. Rajoy has a lot of experience.”

The trial of the Bassana newspaper, as well as the recent confession of the former speaker of the National People’s party, indicate that he is now ready to work with the judiciary, especially during the terms of Jose Maria asnar and Rajoy himself, to operate a b-box in the party, He was once again interested in what the former leader of Galicia said about the charges. But Rajoy remained silent in the public and the media, and he has no intention of changing his strategy soon. “He’s calm and he’s decided not to argue with this guy,” they added. That guy is from Bassana, and he used to be more than just an acquaintance. Rajoy and his wife had dinner with other like-minded couples on weekends. In January 2013, the country published bassanas’s paper, which was cut off when the current president sent a personal message to extesorero, “Lewis, be strong.”. It wasn’t until seven months later, in August 2013, in the Senate, that Rajoy admitted his mistake: “I’m wrong, ladies and gentlemen, I’m sorry, but it is. It’s wrong for me to trust someone we know we don’t trust now. ”

In the years since then, neither Rajoy nor the BJP has made a clear response to corruption at its headquarters. The former president’s advisers argued that he had provided everything he had to say in the court statement, “no one can accuse him of anything.”. The new people’s leadership insisted that their political responsibility was paid for by the collapse of ballot boxes in several elections and the complete renovation of their dome after the primaries, when Paul cassado opposed the continuity of Soraya Saenz de Santamaria.

Married people believe that in that speech, he had distanced himself from anyone who colluded with corruption, no matter who he was, but he also inherited the legacy: “he cannot aspire to lead someone who is not proud of his past. I’m Jose Maria asnar, Mariano Rajoy and Manuel Fraga

The married Rajoy didn’t break their relationship, though they had fewer and fewer opportunities to meet and talk. In fact, the current leadership of the party insists that the people’s parties of bassanas, Rajoy and asnar “no longer exist”, and even emphasizes that at this stage, clearing the accusations is their best firewall. They are talking about the “next generation” of the people’s party. They are upset by their judgment of the newspapers, especially in the Catalan election campaign, but they think they can do nothing about it.

Rajoy will now attend the national hearing as a witness, as he did in moncro on July 26, 2017, and chair the G ü RTEL case, which later proclaimed his political career. “What bassanas is saying is nothing new, which he told Judge Pablo Ruz nine years ago. There is no new evidence, it is slander, it has no credibility, and it has no legal basis,” agreed the two people most trusted by the former leader of the people’s party. Rajoy later denied that he was right When it comes to the possible recording in his office, it is “absolutely wrong” for him to refuse the prize money from him and other team members, and he shows a detached attitude towards this kind of internal affairs. He said, “I’m in the government.” When his answer was accused of ambiguity, he replied, “the answer has to be Galicia, because it can’t be riojana.”