Sifentes Uses The Plot Of “Master Case” To Seek Forgiveness

2021-02-05   |   by CusiGO

The maaster trial opened on Friday after the defense of Cristina cifontes used its fifth court session to sue Rey Juan Carlos University. His lawyer blamed the agency on the master’s degree work act (TFM) and even put forward an argument in support of him, that is, the existence of a suspected illegal conspiracy led by the late Enrique Á lvarez Conde. He said that if the professor had taken the initiative to falsify other students’ papers before, he might have been the mastermind of the sifentes case. There was no intervention from her.

Jos é Antonio choclan, sifentes’ lawyer and prominent criminal judge, used all her guns on Friday to focus on the key issues affecting the former member of the community. She faces a three-year and three-month prison sentence from prosecutors. She ordered a forgery? Is there enough evidence that she was induced? Or could someone else be behind it? According to lawyers, not only is there no “direct evidence” for Cecilia Rosado, the former leader of the people’s party, nor is there any reference to sifentes, nor is there any other evidence to prove this, but “everything was done in the University.”.

The defense accused King Juan Carlos (urjc), It takes advantage of a series of irregularities found in investigations and trials: other students’ records are also considered to be forged, or witnesses do not acknowledge their signatures when testifying. In his lawyer’s view, this shows that the initiative to forge documents is not about disclosure. “Man, when there are other forged records, it’s believed that the idea of crime was born in Stephens and [Maria Theresa] feto, [consultant to the Madrid community, who came to urjc on the day of the scandal] This is incompatible. We are faced with a repeat of the same criminal facts, “he said.

In 2018, an investigation into the master’s case came to light in the context of a possible conspiracy led by Alvarez Conde, which used the degree of urjc Institute of public law as a “gift” or “prize” to students with relevant status in the political field, As emphasized by the pre-trial judge, maintain close contact on an institutional basis or on a friendly or professional basis. They are said to include Mr. sifentes and the current leader of the people’s party, Pablo cassado. However, after the Supreme Court refused to file a lawsuit against the current conservative chairman, these investigations were finally shelved, so the lawsuit was simplified to falsifying the TFM bill displayed by the then president of Madrid after the scandal broke out.

“Rosardo was the main author of the forgery. The direct cause was the late Alvarez Conde, who put forward the idea of a crime in rosardo,” a lawyer for sifentes continued on Friday, asking the university to take responsibility for finding a record. According to reports, on March 21, 2018, at the crisis cabinet meeting held by urjc, when the first news was released, a vice president commented that if the article appeared “that would be a good thing”. “The pressure to forge a bill is more due to the president’s internal intervention and demands than to the possibility of external influence,” the lawyer added. He said, “the advantage of forging a bill is that universities save face.”

Papers rejected by the prosecutor’s office and urjc. Prosecutor pilar Santos insisted on Friday that sifentes – through feito, who had been calling Rosado all day, claimed that government advisers “forced” her to draft the bill – was at the height of the crime. “She knew the consequences could be terrible.” She and her political career are the only, first and last beneficiaries of the bill. A representative of the prosecutor’s office said that as soon as she got the record and file, she began to show it, stressing that the people never defended TFM in court. “Cifuntes used an official document that he knew was unrealistic and incorporated it into the legal transaction. He led thousands of citizens. ” “It’s documents, not words,” she said in a twitter video