From Scratch Against Eta

2021-02-05   |   by CusiGO

On February 6, 1996, when Fernando mugica Herzog, a 62 year old lawyer and former leader of the Basque socialist party, left donostiarra calle prim’s office, etarra Javier Garc í a gaztelu shot him in the back of the head. He died almost immediately. Eight days later, 63 year old former president of the constitutional court, Francisco Tom á s y Valente, was killed by El etarra Jon bienzobas while on the phone with colleague El í as D í AZ in the office of the Autonomous University of Madrid. Thomas and bravery have just drafted a national text of mujika’s crime, its reasons and temptations, which was published the day after his own murder.

The opportunity is not over. A few weeks later, Jos é ram ó n recalade published another article in the paper, sense of state, on the public debate of the late Tom á s y Valente. Luis Castells, a history professor at upv, recalled that on the 25th anniversary of the two murders, the Basque professor and former government adviser would also be seriously hurt by ETA. These two crimes had a special impact on a socialist family that was about to lose its government. “ETA is killing my friend,” said then President Felipe Gonzalez.

“Since 1995, ETA has launched an assassination campaign with significant social impact to make up for its weakness after its arrest in bidate, France. It also activated kale borroka, which broke the record with 1113 attacks in 1996. ETA tried to spread fear throughout the population, even building a new leadership in herri Batasuna, replacing patxi zabalta or Inigo iruin with a dome around Floren Aoiz.

ETA started the spread of terrorism by murdering Gregorio odynes, leader of the Basque people’s party, in 1995. In 1996, on the eve of asnar’s election victory, he murdered mujika, Thomas and brave. They all share a common anti fascist warlike spirit, and ETA knows the impact of his murder. Julio Rodr í Guez, Franco’s minister of education, with three other professors at the University of Salamanca, inspected Thomas and bravery for his democratic attitude. Under the democratic system, he was a judge of the constitutional court and served as president of the constitutional court from 1986 to 1992. Felipe Gonz á lez, his friend, offered him the job of attorney general, but he preferred to go back to college, “castr recalled.

Anna Thomas and bravely recall her father, an anti death activist, disgusted by the Franco regime’s 1975 shooting of two ETA members and three FRAP members, his rejection of terrorism texts and the dirty war on terror. ETA’s delusion even explains his crime by “inciting tactics against Basques.”. Jurists don’t have escorts, just like mujika, so they’re easy targets.

In 1964, mujika joined the PSOE with his brother Enrique, who was the attorney general from 1988 to 1991 and the maker of etarra’s prison decentralization policy. “Unlike Henry, he hardly holds public office. He was a city councillor of St. Sebastian for a short time, and participated in the reconstruction of PSOE at the sureness convention in 1974, which is the key to the revival of Basque socialism, “Castel stressed. His son, Jose Marie, emphasized his roots: “my father suffered from Nazism, Francoism and the plague of ETA. His father, a Republican, was in exile. His uncle, a socialist, was shot. Part of his mother, Paulette Herzog, a Polish Jew, died in Auschwitz. His Judaism is not only a family legacy, but also a radical anger against Nazism and the Holocaust. ”

ETA did not estimate that the two murders would mark a qualitative leap in ETA’s mobilization. “After Thomas and the brave murder came to light, UAM students staged a massive demonstration. White hand movement and stop the slogan! Basque yes, not ETA! The University was attacked. Before that, there was no such large-scale anti-terrorism demonstration as was held in the center of the capital, “castr stressed.

It was a prelude to the rebellion, and the following year, Miguel Angel Blanco, a member of the people’s party, was assassinated. Carlos totorica, the then mayor of ermua, recalled that when he learned about Thomas and the brave murder, he was very angry and drafted a position calling on the public to condemn him for the first time.

At the same time as Basque mujika was killed, ETA kidnapped businessman Jose Maria aldaya and prison officer Jose Antonio Ortega Lala. “At that time, there was a silent demonstration against ETA in Basque countries, demanding an immediate stop! “Put on the blue ribbon to protest against ETA, resist the radical abozars, and demonstrate at Batasuna’s headquarters, demanding that they take responsibility.”

After killing mujika Herzog, ETA managed to make the Jewish community equate persecution with Nazism. On behalf of the Jewish community, Bayona’s Rabbi prayed to Kadish as he said goodbye: “if the Nazi persecution of his mother Paulette Herzog, a Polish Jew, marks his life, then the persecution of ETA terrorists is over. Our community thanks a man who fought for Spain to recognize Israel as its second homeland. ” The Jewish national foundation has planted thousands of trees in the Israeli city of haruvit as a memorial.

After learning about Thomas and brave’s murder, the mujika family went to Madrid to visit their relatives and take part in a large-scale demonstration against ETA. Anna Thomas remembers how the Munich family said to them: “people support you. But in the Basque area, we see a painting that says Fernando, fuck you! “, At about the same time, pello salaburu, then president of UPU, paid tribute to the two citizens killed by ETA at Basque University and asked a major question: “they want us to believe that there are only two sides of a fascist minority.”