Uniform Is Down

2021-02-04   |   by CusiGO

They’ve been watching the marriage for weeks. They knew it was a wealthy middle-aged Madrid couple. They are waiting to find them in a remote place. Segovia’s N-110, which they passed on January 19, 2020. When a car carrying several people passed them and stopped them, they decided to go for an outing. They stopped. “They were wearing police vests,” they later announced to officers of the central operations unit (UCO) of the Civil Guard that they had been repeatedly injured and bruised as a result of torture.

Investigators said the alleged “agents of the authorities” were proved to be a group of violent Spanish robbers with a long criminal record: “robbery, theft, murder, injury…”. This led researchers to find violent villains.

“They were packed into two different cars, an Audi a-6 and a BMW X5, put on the hood and shackles and taken to an industrial container in Toledo, fuenzalida,” the investigator said. The agents managed to find the kidnapper’s route. “They tortured them for nine hours, beat them and used tools, which is totally free violence, because the data they want from their credit cards and safes will be provided to them without too much pain,” the researchers said. They were eventually released to the centre of Madrid, near castrana.

“If you talk to the police or provide too much information in the hospital, you’re dead,” the kidnapper warned. Marriage decisions are reported to professionals.

“Once we located the fuensalida industrial container with the data described by the victims, we monitored it until we identified four of the main alleged perpetrators,” the investigators recalled. But two others are missing: “those who chose victims and provided information are now charged with cooperation and complicity,” they explained. Last week, while they were sleeping in their respective homes, they also fell.

The search involved two short guns and a shotgun. The cannon was cut off and the ammunition was sufficient. Various simulated weapons, Tasers, white weapons, shackles, police uniforms, bulletproof vests and badges, as well as cash and jewelry were used. A statement issued by the Institute of armed research yesterday said that at the entrance of one of the houses, a detainee opened fire and the shell scratched the neck of one of the police officers.

The investigation of investigators found that the organization is preparing a new “coup” for a technology company. The company estimates that it will take more than 14 million euros of “booty”, which is their elaborate plan to kidnap security personnel, The press release pointed out that this was not due to the restriction of movement caused by the epidemic.

The operation, known as R í o Lobos, was carried out in Madrid and m ó Stoles, as well as in the cities of Illescas and torrejos in the province of Toledo. The six detainees were sentenced to unconditional imprisonment by the first pre trial court in Sepulveda (Segovia).