The People’S Party Tries To Maintain The Integrity Of “Legal Norms” Alone

2021-02-04   |   by CusiGO

The people’s party was in complete isolation on Thursday, trying to preserve the integrity of the civil security act, which is better known. Even Vox, which basically agrees with the content of the rule, voted against a popular initiative aimed at preventing law reform, which was initially promoted by NPV and widely supported by the house of representatives to keep the current law unchanged.

The reform of the restraint act is one of the outstanding issues after the dissolution of the court and the long election year in 2019. Both PSOE and United Mayo announced the “repeal” of controversial laws passed by Mariano Rajoy’s government, but PNV was the first to take the lead in reform. Congress agreed to deal with the Basque Nationalist initiative, and groups were still negotiating the final text when the house of Representatives dissolved in April 2019. The two subsequent elections prevented the resumption of the word “active” used in parliamentary jargon, and the word was therefore invalid.

The court noted that some of the most controversial aspects of the rule do not violate the principles of the basic law. These include large-scale repatriation of migrants, supported by a previous decision of the European Court of human rights.

However, neither the government nor the PNV has stopped their reform efforts, because in addition to the two right wing groups, they have the support of the whole house of Representatives. The rules of procedure of Congress require that the process be restarted from the Basque Nationalist text. The people’s party is trying to stop this by proposing an amendment, which was debated in the house of Representatives on Thursday, with no more support except for its members and its satellite formation, Navara Suma, and members of the Asturias forum. In fact, the amendment is a verbatim copy of the civil security act, which makes it criticized and satirized by other groups, who emphasize that, for example, the names of ministries no longer exist in the text. That’s why vox voted against it.

PP and vox not only discussed the content of the act, but also used their speeches to disqualify PNV and accused PNV of condescending to ETA. The intention of the right can be seen clearly from the choice of the same spokesperson, both of whom are relatives murdered by the band: Theresa jimnes besserier of the people’s party and Francisco Jose alcalaz of vox. The two men, dating back to the mid-1990s, attacked the image of the dead shabir azaruz and recalled ETA’s claim that ETA was the man who moved the tree and that his party benefited from nut picking. Alcalaz not only remembered her, but also took out a bag of nuts and put it on the desk on the platform for everyone to see. The spokesman for PNV, the very restrained Mikel Legarda, did not intervene. “I won’t discuss your pain,” he told Jim é Nez becerril, who lost his brother and sister-in-law in a terrorist attack. He only focuses on technical analysis.

Last spring, the government made extensive use of the civil security act to fine those who escaped. This is the accusation of some groups, including citizens. Ines alimadas’s training is in line with that of the left, that is, the current law empowers the police, which should only belong to judges.