The Supreme Court Has Confirmed A 133 Year Sentence For The Only Person Accused Of Killing Spanish Jesuits In El Salvador

2021-02-03   |   by CusiGO

The conviction of the innocent Colonel Orlando Montano for the killing of five Spanish Jesuits in El Salvador in 1989 has been confirmed. The Supreme Court on Wednesday approved the verdict of the National High Court on the murder of Basque theologian Ignacio ellacuria and four other religious figures by former Salvadoran Deputy security minister Ignacio ellacuria at the University of Central America. The Supreme Court confirmed that these were murders of a terrorist nature and sentenced one defendant to 26 years, 8 months and one day in prison for each crime. Overall, it is more than 133 years, but the compliance period is 30 years.

The former Deputy Minister of security is the only defendant in the Spanish Ministry of justice, although the prosecutor’s office believes that the killing of UCA was planned and carried out by the supreme command of the Salvadorian armed forces, to which Montano belongs. As the National High Court confirmed in the Supreme Court’s now confirmed judgment in September last year, the military decided to execute eracuria when it saw its power and control threatened when the farabendo Matti National Liberation Front (FMLN) launched an attack in November 1989, “Those who most strongly and effectively promote, develop and try to bring peace to both sides of the conflict through dialogue and negotiation.” The Supreme Court warned that the perpetrators knew that elacuria was not only in the university dormitory, but also ordered the execution of all residents “to avoid leaving witnesses.”.

According to the judgment of the National High Court, Montano, 77, was the perpetrator of the murder of another Jesuit in salvado, a 15-year-old daughter of the University’s chef, who was executed along with religious figures, But he can’t be convicted for these acts because he wasn’t extradited by the United States.

For the Supreme Court, the narrative of the facts confirmed by the hearing very vividly describes what happened at UCA in the early hours of November 16, 1989, and constitutes the “real terror” and horror narrative experienced by “victims of this national crime”.

The verdict was drafted by judge Vicente Magro, who explained that Montano attended all the murder decisions as a member of supreme command and that the security forces reported directly to him. “In this case, it is not that there is no such disproportion, but that there is no conflict of interest among the accused, which makes it necessary to kill Ignacio elacuria, his companions, his cook and his daughter; they are not part of the armed conflict, They did not confront those who ordered the crime, did not have any justification for the deadly aggression against the lives of eight people, and committed crimes beyond the seriousness and consequences of the attack on the lives of the victims, Because its purpose is to destroy the hope of the whole society for peace and to be harassed after ten years of civil war. ”

The court supported the criminalization of these acts as murder (art. 406 of the criminal code) and terrorism (art. 174 bis (b) of the criminal code) and the criminalization of the acts of the supreme command as terrorism. “In fact, the supreme command uses state institutions to carry out real civil executions of citizens in order to create an image of their actions against the state in front of society, If a real murder is committed, it is in the form of “state terrorism” with the purpose of changing social coexistence and committing “state crimes”, which is no different from terrorism committed by organized groups in concept. ”

The Supreme Court’s ruling finally ended 30 years of impunity, ended a long-term battle, and tried to bring to justice the intellectuals who killed eracuria in 1989. Eracuria has become an embarrassing figure in the Salvadoran government. Next to him are four Spanish religious figures (Ignacio Martin Barro, Segundo Montes, Amando Lopez and Juan Ramon Moreno) and a Salvadoran, Joaquin Lopez, as well as the wife and daughter of university presidents Elbe Ho and Celina Ramos. At a national hearing last summer, Colonel Montano denied that, despite the charge warning that it was self contradictory. “I’m not against Jesuits,” he said a few minutes ago, noting that the 1979 coup against general Carlos Humberto Romero originated at the UCA, where eracuria was its president. “30 years later, he continues to express his dissatisfaction with Jesuit priests and continues to believe that they are guerrillas and terrorists,” the prosecutor warned in his final report. At the beginning of the hearing, another defendant, the late Rene yussy Mendoza, was released, but the next day he was released and eventually became a key witness, pointing out that Montana was one of the troops ordering the massacre. The court held that his statement was “completely credible” and therefore could be used as evidence for the charges.