Tens Of Thousands Of Citizens Are Demanding Exemption From The Catalan Polling Station

2021-02-03   |   by CusiGO

Fear of coronavirus has filled polling stations with protests to avoid being a member of the polling station in the upcoming Catalan election on February 14. So far, more than 9100 people have entered, and commissions in Catalonia’s regions expect the demand for the previous electoral process to triple. In the case of Barcelona, two forensic doctors had been asked for help before a decision was made, and at the same time, in primary health care centres, the demand for medical reports was increasing to justify it.

In the third wave of the epidemic, the excuses of the election committee have accumulated at an unprecedented rate. Ivan frutoso, Secretary of the regional election commission of sabader, explained: “in sabader today (as of Tuesday), we have reached 1012 charges in a week, while in the whole election process, we usually have 800 charges.”. So far, according to him, only seven charges have been dismissed. “This is repentance in the case of conscientious objectors,” specific.

In Catalonia, a total of 82000 polling station members have been appointed as current and alternate members. 9102 petitions have entered 10 committees, accounting for 11% of all those required to participate in the electoral process, waiting for data from other committees. As for Barcelona, as of January 29, 3250 people had entered. The number and complexity of some of the charges led the Commission to ask two forensic doctors to help explain the diagnoses and to enable the judges to make more informed decisions.

As a result, not all the charges can be resolved immediately. In fact, there is no clear time limit for the committee to respond, and it can respond on election day. The number of alternates already provided for by law excludes the possibility of problems in the establishment of a bureau. The time limit for challenge is indeed more stringent: seven days after the receipt of the communication, the committee will continue to deal with any cases that may arise. Ensuring health and safety 14-F belongs to the government.

As of Sunday, 849 petitions had been filed in Granollers, 838 in Sant Feliu de Llobregat and 622 in Terrassa. Other places where petitions gathered were Areni DeMar (648), reus (687), Vic (463) and veranova I laguertru (356).

There are four main excuses for those who ask for exemption: pregnancy, over 65 years of age, having family members or suffering from illness. Unlike in previous years, affected citizens seek any way out. “Before, a pregnant woman was involved; now she doesn’t want to,” the rich example is that she admits that “people are afraid.”.

S í Lvia carabaca is a woman from Cornell, Barcelona’s metropolitan area. “Unfortunately, it touched me,” he said. She’s 49 years old, working in the cleaning service of a sports stadium in Cornell, and she’s “angry.”. “They locked us up, we couldn’t go out and do anything, and now they’re exposing us to the election Center for 14 hours. It’s a pity, “he said. He was informed a week ago that he did not have any bureaucratic channels because he was unfamiliar with the agreement. “This is the first time I’ve been selected and I don’t know how it works. No one can give me advice, but I will not be able to pay the fine. I don’t know what punishment they will impose on me, “he pointed out.

Carabaca, a single mother with two children, one of whom is younger, doesn’t think it’s time for an election. He said, “what’s your emergency? It’s dangerous because we might take the virus home. There are a lot of people who don’t have symptoms, and we’ll be very exposed. I wake up in the morning, thinking about it in my head, lying in bed thinking about the same thing. We always pay for small fish, so big fish will be happy. ”

Nuria C., 64, filed charges a few days ago that he did not attend a table in Mataro, 20 kilometers from Barcelona. On Tuesday, he was told his defense had been dismissed with a medical certificate. “I have high blood pressure and I’m at a sensitive age,” he explained. “At the moment, it’s uncomfortable to sit at a table. Normally, I would not defend, but now I will. I’m locked up at home, I’m cautious, and now I have to go. I just hope very few people vote. ”

The election committee had a tense life, queuing up to produce documents. “We felt people were angry,” frutos said. “But our board of directors is neither involved in the drawing of lots nor in the process of making sure the table is healthy. People tell us that they don’t know how personal protective equipment works or where to go. ”

A collaborator in the validation process explained that those who were recognized as living with people at risk could be exempted.

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