Sanchez Piropia

2021-02-03   |   by CusiGO

In four hours in Congress, you can easily turn praise into stone. At 9 a.m. on Wednesday, according to the president of the government, Santiago abaskar was a leader with “a flash of national consciousness and responsibility”, unlike Paul cassado, who only brought “bad shadows”. In the absinthe moment, Congress broke out one after another powerful vox abascal party against “immigration invasion”. From the cup to the citizens, from Inigo eregon to PNV, some people made heated speeches expressing regret for the “hate speech” of the far right. Just then, socialists applauded Sanchez four hours ago and his colleague Luc Andr é Diouf, the only African born MP. Diouf is of Senegalese origin. He intervened in Abbas Kar’s political party and put it out of the rule of law.

If this can be done in four hours in Congress, there will be enough time in three and a half months to make the whole situation illegible. In October last year, it was the leaders of the people’s party who voted against Abbas’s no confidence motion, which made them full of “national consciousness”. According to Vox, after his marriage, he took up a new government post: “Minister of the opposition.”. In early February, vox was given the responsibility by abstention. Last week, he approved the implementation plan of the European fund which was rejected by the people’s party. Now it’s his turn to voice to the public that Abbas Carr’s party is “the new partner of the Frankenstein government”.

On Wednesday, a surprising vote was held on the European fund, the first control meeting of the new year’s government. Cassado accused Pedro Sanchez of using European money to “buy will” and concealed a crucial State Department report from Parliament, According to the public, how is the administration going to manage it. On vox’s help to Sanchez, opposition leaders scoffed: “any day, he will be disguised as a buffalo horn, fighting side by side with the attackers of the Capitol building.”

“You start a new year with the same bad shadow you’ve cast since you led the BJP,” Sanchez said in the replica. The president once again accused him of not cooperating with the government at such a time, which also exposed vox’s recent attitude. “Even Mr. abaskar is more responsible and national than you are,” he told her. He repeated this as an acknowledgement of Abbas himself in his subsequent duel with vox leaders, although he added that it was “a flash of responsibility.”. Sanchez said this in response to the extreme leader’s intervention. In his speech, he issued the most terrible warning of “immigration invasion”, including one of his organization’s favorite rhetorical images: “illegal immigrants bathe in the hotel swimming pool, And the Spaniards are lining up for unemployment benefits. ” Neither these words, nor Sanchez’s own accusation that vox uses social media to “spread large-scale lies”, have prevented the president from acknowledging Abbas Carr’s help to European funds.

The people’s party’s claim that the government has concealed the State Department’s report on EU aid management has caused some uproar. Most importantly, because the government has done nothing but silence. Sanchez and vice presidents Carmen Calvo and Pablo Iglesias did not mention it, despite repeated direct questions from cassado and his deputy. A few minutes later, Calvo fell in the courtyard of Parliament, where the press was waiting for him, and he explained what he didn’t want to say in the house of Representatives: the report was asked to be used by the government, which, according to her, had no legal obligation to submit it to Parliament. The people’s party will ask the presidium of the house of representatives to ask the executive to hand in the documents.

The president’s praise for Abbas Carr disappeared at the beginning of a debate on a provocative vox motion on immigration. According to her, ROC í o de Meer, a congressman responsible for lighting the torch in the house of Representatives, is the whip of “multicultural dunghill” social media. Some Spanish communities usually end their speeches in parliament with the slogan “or motherland, or globalization”. Demer is never disappointed: he describes a country that has been “invaded,” whose “territorial integrity” is threatened, ravaged by crime and the “Mafia,” and most importantly by the ubiquitous “good religion.”. “We will not tolerate Islamization in Spain,” he warned.

The overall response of these groups is a mixture of anger, shock and some kind of despair. They can almost exchange views among spokesmen: “they are fueling the fire”, “arousing a minimum of passion”, “spreading lies and indoctrination”. This expression has been heard not only by mirea Vichy, Isabel Franco of the cup or the Federation, but also by citizen Miguel Gutierrez, even by PNV’s Mikel Legarda, who will be one of the most moderate members of the house of Representatives. In this case, the old quarrel is over for a while, and members of the Federation can join other socialists in clapping for rabbi erejo, who explains in Mill’s words, “you are a moral scum.” Isabel pozueta, from eh bildu, abandoned the debate and summed it up with “you are fascists.”. Ivan Espinosa de Los Monteros, a vox spokesman, was furious, protesting that the remark “offended the etiquette of the house of Representatives.”. Luc Andr é Diouf said in a more subtle and meaningful tone: “we have to draw a line between those who defend democracy and those who are close to Fascism.” That’s the end of the morning I started between praising vox.