Congress Disputed The State Department’S Report On The European Fund

2021-02-03   |   by CusiGO

The decree ordering the management of European funds, a key treasury of the legislature, continues to be controversial in Congress. Last week, it triggered a full-scale confrontation between vox and PP, which abstained and allowed approval. Now, a report from the State Council has intensified the fight, which, according to the people’s party and citizens, is “devastating” and the government does not want to publish.

Pablo Cardoso, the leader of the people’s party, used the opportunity to control the meeting to denounce that the executive branch “tore up” the report of the State Department in the document on the European aid plan submitted to Congress because it criticized the socialist cabinet. Sanchez avoided answering the charges. Vice presidents Carmen Calvo and Pablo Iglesias did not answer later. They were directly questioned by other members of the people’s party, which they called “mutilation”.

Calvo later explained to reporters that he had never included the State Department report in the document submitted to Congress. In this case, it’s a non binding report, the vice president said, so the government has adopted some of the suggestions she thinks are appropriate, while others have not. Although the people’s party and citizens insist that the report is “devastating,” all sources in the executive branch agree that it’s a completely exaggerated dispute. Since the report is not particularly critical, most of its substantive recommendations have been incorporated, though not mandatory.

However, the executive refused to release the report at the moment, although he promised to do so later, on the grounds that he did not want to continue the PP game in a dispute he thought was fruitless. “When we think about it, we’ll make it public,” they pointed out in a balding environment. The vice president did not want to clarify whether the document was as destructive as the people claimed, but she believed that there were other very positive aspects on the same issue, particularly the European Commission. In any case, Calvo argues that it is normal to have critical reports, and he believes that the PP exaggerates this to attack the government.

Edmundo BAL, a citizen spokesman, on Monday called for the report through an official petition from the Congressional registry, arguing that the 96 page text was “shocking.”. He knows from indirect sources because he doesn’t have the text yet. There was a version of the report all afternoon, but the chief executive insisted on not publishing it. The State Council argued that the report could not be published unless authorized by the government, and the government was the one who asked for it.