Psoe And Unido Will Support The General Assembly In Resuming The Catalan Dialogue Table

2021-02-02   |   by CusiGO

PSOE and Unidos pomos supported a motion in the house of representatives to restart the dialogue table on Catalonia, rather than the autonomous executive elected on February 14. During the campaign, the independents will discuss their motion in the house of Representatives plenary meeting on Tuesday as a result of a question they sent to the then territorial policy minister, Carolina darias, who is now the head of the Department of health, before Christmas. In an interview on Tuesday, the PSC presidential candidate, Salvador illa, also called for a renewed dialogue to resolve the conflict in Catalonia.

Sources from the two political parties in the executive confirmed to the European press that they would support ERC’s initiative, which calls on the government of Catalonia and the new administration of Catalonia to reappoint members of the Catalonian Bureau in order to “decisively” resolve the political “conflict”. The meeting was supposed to have taken place a few months ago, but the outbreak of the epidemic and the disqualification of former president quim tora have delayed a new date for the institutional dialogue.

The government of Pedro Sanchez stressed that it was prepared to hold such a dialogue forum to discuss “everything”, but always within the constitutional framework, as reiterated in the debate on territorial policy. He thus answered the question of ERC member montse Bassa, who claimed that the solution to the political crisis in Catalonia was to grant amnesty to the independent leaders imprisoned for participating in the illegal referendum on October 1, 2017, and to promote the exercise of “the right to self-determination”. This is also reflected in his motion, in which he pledged that both conditions must be formally proposed by the new parliament elected by 14-F or through an agreement between the central government and the Catalan government.

Salvador illa, the PSC’s candidate for autonomous elections, also advocated the resumption of government to government dialogue after the vote in order to resolve the Catalan conflict, and promised to resume the debate according to the 44 proposals put forward by Pedro s รก nchez’s administration. IRA is a member of the socialist group, which agreed to establish the above-mentioned intergovernmental dialogue group with ERC during Sanchez’s inaugural negotiations, and participated in the first and only meeting in February 2020, just a few weeks before the alarm state was announced. In an interview with Onda zero, the former health minister called for a restart of the dialogue table, but pointed out that the priorities of the future government he wants to chair must be health protection, economic recovery and “no one left behind.”.