Congress Called On The Judiciary To Respect Their Power

2021-02-02   |   by CusiGO

The relationship between the legislature and the judiciary is irreconcilable. On Wednesday, the presidium of Congress rejected a request from the General Council of the Department of justice to reconsider its decision to deal with legislative initiatives aimed at limiting its power in office. Congress understands that this is an attempt by another state power to interfere and opposes it. The presidium demanded respect for the judiciary and reminded it that the legislative power of the state is exercised by the courts, that is, the Congress and the Senate. The decision was passed by a majority vote with the support of PSOE and power, which are advocates of legal reform and oppose PP and vox.

The discussion was also referred to the Committee of speakers. “I would like to recall that state power is exercised by the general court and there is no obligation under any circumstances to require the General Council of the Ministry of justice to report or appear in court in advance,” said Adriana Rastra, a SPD spokesman.

On January 21, a majority of the members of the General Council of justice adopted a declaration expressing their opposition to the rapid legal reform planned by the government partners PSOE and power to limit the functions of the judges’ governing bodies at the end of their terms of office. The letter came as 16 of the 21 members of the plenary voted for it, signing a statement in December asking Congress to listen to the judiciary before law reform is passed. The presidium of Congress has rejected this request, and a document recently passed holds that the decision of Congress “does not meet the requirements of the principle of separation of powers”.