The Prosecutor’S Office Is Investigating Groups That Organized Attacks On Immigrants In Grand Canary

2021-02-01   |   by CusiGO

Beatriz s รก nchez, Las Palmas’s chief prosecutor, on Monday ordered an investigation into possible hate crimes committed by several participants at the WhatsApp forum who tried to organize threats or attacks on immigrants. In particular, the prosecutor’s office investigated several messages and forums circulated two weeks ago, and made a clear call for a group to go south of great canary and attack immigrants living in some tourist facilities Provincial chief prosecutor.

The island of great canary is facing an escalation of xenophobic psychology, the blockade of thousands of people arriving in Petra, the insecurity caused by some immigration crimes, and the false information poisoning any incident related to foreigners. In the past week, as many as four demonstrations against the presence of immigrants have been held in three communities in Las Palmas grand Canaria and in tourist areas in the southern part of the island. The rally called on neighbors to feel insecure, which is directly related to the presence of immigrants in their communities.

However, insecurity and threats have jumped from WhatsApp to violence against Moroccans. Cruz Blanca foundation, a member of the Franciscan brotherhood, reported that its camp, a school in the Las Palmas El lasso District of the great Canary Islands, was frequently attacked by stones and its users were threatened and attacked. At least seven residents were attacked from Monday to Friday last week. “Stop throwing stones at the center. We’ve had enough of our new neighbor’s terrorist screams. Enough threats. No more attacks. “At the end of the day, we have enough to blame others for our dissatisfaction with the political decisions we are making,” the NGO said in a statement on Wednesday.

Rafael, the fictional name of a 14-year-old Canary boy, told the country on Saturday that he often spent time with several young Moroccans living in schools. That night, during a community demonstration outside the city center, he had to flee four men with sticks and batons who came to a nearby park and attacked two of his friends. “Four people came in jeeps, and when they got out of the car, they started calling them” damn moors, “” gay, get out of here. ” They started beating them, and my friends and I ran out. “They are not bad people. Four Moroccans screwed up and they all paid.

The office of the prosecutor has announced that it will remain vigilant against any incitement to xenophobic or racist hatred against those arriving in Petra and will contact the police and the Civil Guard to learn about the preventive measures they have taken in this regard in order to avoid incidents. Two weeks ago, there were a lot of threatening written and audio messages targeting immigrants in several SMS organizations, including phrases such as “moors will die”, or calls for organizing armed groups to hunt down Maghreb immigrants in southern Great canary. In one of the cases, the author was arrested and a man threatened a Moroccan youth in the car with a machete in the co driver’s seat.

The daughter of the Saharawi activist aminatou Haidar recently became a victim of a xenophobic attack in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in the great Canary Islands. Victims of the ser chain confirmed that a group of young people were beaten when they got out of the car in traditional local clothes on the street.

The office of the prosecutor has not yet been officially informed of the attack on El lasso camp or on Haidar’s daughter, but its spokesman has informed EFE that he will investigate these incidents if the police provide it with information about the two incidents and details that he believes may constitute a crime.