The Prisoners United Against The Ira Effect

2021-02-01   |   by CusiGO

They’re one of the most exciting elements of a movement, and if not the most exciting, kvid has become ruthless. However, trial prisoners convicted of sedition and embezzlement are also independent weapons to offset the so-called “IRA effect”, which makes PSC third in the competition with the government. Yesterday, prisoners who have been held in level three prisons since Friday read a declaration to build a sovereign unity that has been shocking since President quim torra ended his parliamentary term a year ago because of disloyalty to his partners. To showcase a joint project, the text read yesterday calls for “a government that supports inclusive national projects, serving social reconstruction and national liberation.”. “In order to move in this common direction, it is irresistible to continue to develop a common strategy.”

The document is sponsored by ominim, the only entity they have gathered under their umbrella in ERC and junts in Catalonia without reservation. Each prisoner and tried read a declaration calling for amnesty, “the return of exiles” and the right to self-determination. The participants and organizers were very careful not to step on the red line imposed by the Barcelona provincial election commission, nor did they turn the meeting (as a press conference) into a “tribute to political prisoners and exiles”, In the committee’s own language, in a ruling that explicitly rejected that possibility.

The incarcerated independent leaders were given three levels of prison, making them the political assets of their respective parties, namely, the Republic of esquila and the junts per Catalunya of Catalonia. This – this is not ElBaradei – enabled them to unite with a less motivated electorate during the pandemic, who witnessed ongoing divisions among government partners. So yesterday’s action hopes to rekindle hope in a unity that both sides believe has been shattered by the strategic conflict between the two major sovereign parties.

Both organizations have publicly proposed the establishment of a joint executing agency. They did so in the campaign and in the Manifesto they read yesterday. But, as ERC and junts leaders privately admit, it’s hard to combine Carles puigdemont’s proposal for quick independence with the “wide line” proposed by Oriol junkers on his campaign poster. As a matter of fact, the esquila Republic has not given up the unilateral declaration of independence (DUI), which advocates that junts should exceed the 50% voting threshold of separatist parties. But Republicans put forward a lot of conditions, such as the overwhelming majority of people in society for independence, which makes it almost impossible.

He was performing unity yesterday, just like last Friday. Around 10:30 a.m., Republican Oriole jonquilas, Raul romeva and leaders of eumnim Jodi kusar left ledona prison, passing Catalonia Jodi Sanchez, Josep Ruhr, Jodi turur and members of the Joaquin forum. They all seem to be called to take advantage of every minute of freedom, as Toulour synthesized it. Just before 9 a.m., Doros Barca, a former Republican congresswoman, left Puig DelEs bass prison. It wasn’t until Saturday that the same Republican, Carmen forcardel, could enjoy a level 3 prison.

The sword of Damocles on all of them is the prosecutor’s office’s appeal, which is another political weapon of the movement. If this matter is resolved soon – which is unlikely, because we are facing an appeal, not an appeal, which will be the nature of a moratorium – the third level will be removed during the election campaign, The independent party will portray its leaders as “victims of repression.”. On the contrary, if they continue to study in the third grade, their existence will be normalized, and over time, separatist groups are likely to change from ellipsis to specific areas. Junkras has talked about corruption in some of his speeches, which is one of the Achilles’ heel of junts, the majority successor to the convergence of 3% cases. At the same time, puygedmont asked to vote for his training and made it clear that he did not support CKD because junts was “the one who stood up.”.

Junkras is the main asset of esquerra’s campaign. As a member of Parliament, he used to make paperless speeches in the chamber of Parliament, but in election activities, his presence and the preaching tone he used in his thinking brought more technocratic and predictable views to the gathering of candidate Pere Aragon รจ s and more political vitality. In fact, many believe that the Republican leader detained in ledona has saved most of his party’s election campaign. In this election, the most important thing is to win the first place and ensure the hegemony of independence. Anyone with more members can choose the league. In this regard, Republicans believe junkers’ contribution to the ERC campaign is crucial.

It’s not the same with junts per Catalunya in Catalonia, where there are extra tables. Laura Boras knows how to please her constituents, and she’s very talkative. It’s about something. The ideological upheaval of the puygermont party is consistent with the proposal of “magical independence” as defined by the leader of the cup Carles Riera. The lack of specificity in many areas is consistent with the tough terminology of training leaders, which enables them to communicate perfectly with voters. Among the independent prisoners, they have the support of former historical figure Jordi turull, who last weekend called on separatists to respond in the ballot box and vote to “avoid chemical castration” Catalan institutions.

What I said in this movement – and prisoners, especially in the case of CKD, can contribute to it – is independent hegemony. It’s up to who gets to St. jam’s Square first. At the same time, El Salvador IRA has become the enemy we want to defeat. I’m afraid that in the fight between separatists, a third discord will be foreseen.