The Barons Of The People’S Party Did Not Support Diaz Ayuso’S Gambling

2021-02-01   |   by CusiGO

The people’s barons in Galicia, Castilla and Leon, Murcia and Andalusia neither supported their decision nor Isabel Dias ayuso’s commitment to keep shops and hotels open during the pandemic. In an interview with voz de Galicia on Sunday, Alberto n ú niez feij ó o expressed surprise: “Madrid chose a decision I don’t like If I had to apply in Galicia, I would feel responsible, so I chose another one As a source for the Castilla and Leon governments stressed, the rest of the barons don’t need to say it, they just need to resort to the facts: Andalucia, Castilla and Leon, Galicia and Murcia have taken tougher measures than Madrid.

“Madrid has attracted a bit of attention. We want the hotel to be open now! “Madrid takes a little risk because it has an advantage: it will become a province with 6 million residents and many hospitals, which gives it flexibility,” said a source for the castilia and Leon governments “In the second wave, we closed large areas, the gambling industry and the hotel industry, and we helped them keep their balconies working,” he added. We did a good job. These are all effective measures. We have reduced the cumulative incidence to the level of forced marches. ”

As a result, Castilla and Leon have just ordered the closure of hotels in Valencia and 52 other towns. In Galicia, hotels across the region are closed, non essential trade is closed at 18:00 and shopping malls are closed on weekends. In Andalusia, non essential shops and hotels close at 18:00, except in towns where the cumulative incidence of the disease has exceeded 1000 in the past 14 days, where they are completely closed.

Finally, in Murcia, hotel activities are limited to local transfers and family services. “We can’t normalize death. Fernando L ó PEZ MIRAS, the president of the region, said in November: “we feel pain, but without life, there is no economy. Now, sources from the regional administration believe that the closure is “a difficult but necessary and most important effective measure”, although they express “full respect for the approach taken by Madrid community experts and technicians”.

The area ruled by D í AZ ayuso has chosen to have as few restrictions as possible, which has also aroused the criticism of PSOE: “other people in Spain boast that they have less restrictions, so when the obstacles open, we all complicate our lives again.”, President Emiliano Garcia page said Monday.

For months, Diaz ayuso’s government has been hoping to make the area an oasis of activity in Spain’s closed desert. After the first alarm, hotel owners and shop owners were almost unrestricted until last Monday, when their work was relatively normal, When their business hours are limited (until 9pm) and further reduced (from 6 to 4).

Now, the trouble the district administration admits is that the restrictions will not be extended on February 8th if health permits. That’s the message Diaz ayuso and his vice president Ignacio Aguado sent to hoteliers and traders at two separate meetings on Monday. The group of the Madrid community president designed a protocol of good practice for the premises, with which she hoped to work fully to speed up the reopening. At the same time, he argued that closing hotels would only destroy business and increase unemployment, because those areas that bet on restrictions failed to control the spread of the virus.

That’s what the data says. On Friday, the Ministry of health released the last day of the data by community. The cumulative incidence rate in Madrid in the past 14 days was 993.02 cases per 100000 residents. Murcia (1285.50) and Castilla and Leon (1402.89) were worse off. In contrast, Galicia (768.18) and Andalusia (899.07) improved the Madrid data. On Monday, Pablo Casado, the leader of the national conservative party, was in trouble because of different ways to deal with the pandemic.

How will you manage the epidemic? How do you fly, or Diaz ayuso? You were asked in an interview on ser channel.

“They do exactly the same, the standard is who,” Casado replied.

Who is more responsible? Fayo or Diaz ayuso?

They are all responsible.

Jose Luis Martinez Almeida, mayor of Madrid and national spokesman of the people’s party, said the same thing, as he tried to swim and keep warm, Luis de Vega reported. On the one hand, he said that he understood what Nunez fayo said “suits the fact that he is president of Galicia and the different situation between Galicia and Madrid”. At the same time, Martinez Almeida admitted that he did not want to be an autonomous president who had to deal with the epidemic “on his own.”. On the measures to support ayuso to lift the restrictions on the hotel industry as soon as possible, the head of the capital region said he agreed “word for word” because the Department must “recover the lost land as soon as possible”. “It’s a mistake to forget about the economy, but it’s unforgivable to give priority to the epidemic,” Almeida added.

All regional managers remember that every community is a world with its own particularities, special problems and customized solutions. So whenever cassado uses Madrid as an example to manage a virus that has killed more than 20000 people in the region, the PPP leaders will be surprised: for example, there is a long distance between Diaz ayuso and fayo’s models. It’s not just about fighting the virus.

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