Gwadar Kivel Became A Conduit For Cocaine To Enter Spain

2021-02-01   |   by CusiGO

Police pressure in gibraltarian camps forced cocaine traffickers to turn to the guadalkieville route to transport goods to Europe. Internal affairs and customs supervision are working to prevent the main rivers of Andalusia from being consolidated as a stable route for the import of the drug, which has brought greater benefits than the usual cannabis and left greater traces of violence. At present, investigators have found a disturbing increase in the number of hideouts in the area.

On March 10, 2020, the National Guard raided a cabin in trebuchena (Cadiz). Four people were about to go on a boat to Morocco, transported a batch of marijuana to Spain, arrested him and 47 others, and a new organization was disintegrating to fill the gap left by the tribe. They rule guadalkieville. An established suspicion among drug gangs has also been confirmed: the old river bed was used to smuggle cocaine. In this operation, 300 agents participated and seized 1255 kg of this substance.

The imprisonment did not stop drug traffickers from operating in Seville. According to the national police and the National Guard, more than 700 people were arrested last year and 70 drug trafficking networks were dismantled. The former Rio kings, the Guinness brothers and the ranas brothers, were arrested in 2019 and last July. But the power vacuum was quickly replaced by other, less important, families or alliances. Last Tuesday, it was demolished for the last time in a macro operation in udlera. The guard carried out several searches in the provinces of Cadiz and Seville and arrested 42 people, three of whom were in prison.

While cannabis remains the most affected substance, exceeding 5 tons in 2020, cocaine seizures increased by 3300 kg over the same period, reinforcing the belief that guadalkiville is no longer the only route for cannabis derivatives. Before operation Doberman, cocaine was found across the river, and it was no longer sporadic.

Operation Doberman determined the route of cocaine from Colombia to Morocco through containers landed in Casablanca. From there, she was moved to a location on the coast, where she was found in nacolanzas, southern Spain, and in hahura, Morocco, with 476 kilograms of the same cargo as Spanish drug dealers.

In any case, most cocaine seizures were made at ports and the source of customs monitoring was identified. This week, the Civil Guard, the national police and the tax service smashed an international cocaine trafficking organization with an operation center in Seville. Drugs from Brazil and Paraguay have arrived at the port of Algeciras in Cadiz disguised as coal containers.

However, some of the goods came from the waters of guadalkiville. Police pressure on its infrastructure has forced drug traffickers inland to try to bypass the anti drug agents, This explains why daffodils are found on boats, or in polygons far away from rivers, such as batteries or salt pools. In last Tuesday’s final crackdown on marijuana trafficking along the river, the drug – several tons – was found on an industrial ship in utlera, 40 kilometers from guadalkiville, and agents seized a speedboat and a truck to transport it to the river bed.

The police attack on the camp in gibraltarian and the siege of its logistic facilities in guadalkiville forced marijuana traffickers to find alternative roads, which had become the route of the river. “They are no longer able to repair or repair anti drug vessels on land and are forced to do so on the high seas,” a source with the customs supervision department said. The drug prosecutor’s office confirmed that the arrival point of the packages had been extended to the coast of HELVA or Almeria.

Guadalkieville is no longer just a marijuana port, it has been replaced by cocaine. The guard is concerned that violence has increased as the burden has increased. A spokesman for the armed Research Institute explained: “more surveillance points are used, and airlines carry more dangerous weapons because of the need to enhance security.”. Retaliation in the event of loss, loss or seizure is also “worse and faster,” they warned.