“You Can’T Be Both The Opposition And The Government”

2021-01-31   |   by CusiGO

There is too much pressure on their back to have a normal meeting. The 10 men, four from the Social Democratic Party and six from the United Party, came into the chamber with a long list of discontent as they met in Congress on Wednesday to calm the coalition and seek greater coordination. They want to solve these problems, and they will try to do it in the end, but first they need to tell the truth in person. This is a reconstruction of this conference carefully planned with two departmental sources.

-It’s very simple. You can’t be both the opposition and the government. ‘you have to make a choice,’ said Adriana Lastra, a parliamentary spokesman who Pedro Sanchez absolutely trusts.

In about three hours of the meeting, almost all the socialist partners – as well as finance minister Maria JAS Montero, presidential Secretary Felix boranios, and Rastra’s number two in Congress, Rafael simmankas – will repeat this idea again and again in different ways. “You can’t be against the government.”

The message is clear. The PSOE no longer supports Manchester United’s doubles as we understand it. On the one hand, they have five ministers in the executive branch. On the other hand, they claim to be another movement they were born into. Their criticism of power, and most importantly, what makes the SPD angry, is that they are the real left, while the socialists are committed to economic power. “We are on the left,” Pedro Sanchez called in response to his speech.

Representatives of the United Nations: Eileen Montero, Minister of equality; Pablo echenik, spokesman; najo Alvarez and ionie Bella; two state secretaries of Pablo Iglesias’ vice presidential office; jam arsens, representative of the house of Commons; and Enrique Santiago, Secretary General of the PCE – they refuted this frivolous claim at the meeting that the PSOE wants to move from them as a party that does not accept that ruling means making decisions.

They believe that, over and over again, they have said that the socialists do not fully understand that unity means that minority partners must understand everything, negotiate every decision and respect the government agreement they sign. This is his key word. Negotiations. They’ll repeat it a few times.

-We don’t want to be the opposition and the government, we know we are in the government. “But it’s a coalition, and we have to negotiate everything and be true to what we’ve reached,” Irene Montero said.

Nacho Alvarez, the great negotiator of all economic decision-making, is the one who sticks to this idea the most. The feeling that they are united is that some of the SPD’s economic ministers, especially vice president Nadia Calvi รณ o, work as if the SPD has an absolute majority, rather than 120 seats, which prevents it from making any progress without the support of partners and several other groups. Pension reform. This is the red line that we can unite. Socialists are angry because they think the debate should be internal. Church groups accused them that Jose Luis Esquire, Minister of inclusion and social security, had not negotiated such a sensitive issue within the coalition, He submitted a paper that included an extension of the calculation period from 25 to 35 years – which in most cases means a reduction in future pensions – as a form of delay. Then the number was deleted, even though the idea still exists.

-We will not accept the increase of calculation time, we will not vote, the representative of the United Nations made it clear that we can, especially Alvarez, deal with this matter, Bella, as the direct interlocutor of Bola NIOS, is always above all negotiations.

-We will be looking for social dialogue agreements, just as in 2011. Maria Jess Montero said, “if there’s an agreement, I know we’ll all make it.”.

This meeting is still a summary of what the league has experienced in its first year, but it will become more complicated because everyone has their own blame to do. There are many wounds on the table, although everyone is trying to lower their tone, which will bring the date to an end and intend to improve the operation of this unpublished experiment.

One thing particularly hurt the socialists. After the heavy snow in central Spain, the recent position of the Federation is that electricity prices have soared by more than 30% after the heavy snow in central Spain. Church groups produced a video explaining to their voters that they can’t do more because they have only 35 seats, while the 120 seat social democratic party opposes the nationalization of endessa, which is called endessa He thinks this is the solution to the problem. This video is very clear: if more people vote for the Federation, we can reduce light reception in the next progressive world. According to the PSOE, that means directly blaming them for the rise, which they see as a serious form of infidelity. Simmankas, a longtime socialist, erupted in anger.

-Can you imagine we made a video with a picture of a brothel saying that if this exploitation has not been solved, it is because the Ministry of equality, in the hands of the union, we can, have been unable to solve it this year? At the meeting, looking at Irene Montero sitting there. Sources close to simmankas said the congressman was not acknowledged in the matter, confirming some of the people present.

The message is understandable at the negotiating table: if both sides start blaming each other for something wrong, they will lose. Everyone understands this and is willing to find a solution. Because in the whole meeting, there will be no rupture at any stage. Instead, after venting, they start talking about solutions. But there are still some blame. It’s important for everyone to say it in person after weeks of media struggle.

Irene Montero accused the PSOE activists of publicly criticizing me on social media. The struggle within the feminist world is very fierce, and both sides are carrying out very fierce attacks.

-We have thousands of activists, and we can’t stop a group of feminists from criticizing us, but no one is authorized to do so. “We also see a lot of criticism of the belligerence between Psoes, and we can,” Rastra replied.

The spokesman explained that although many people have not yet charged ETS fees, the PSOE does not criticize the Ministry of labor because it is aware of the difficulties and the efforts being made and demands the same understanding of the vital minimum income (including in the hands of PSOE) of the departments that manage ETS.

Rastra recently gave another example. On Monday, Jaume asens, who attended the meeting, appeared in Congress and severely criticized Salvador illa for not appearing in the house of representatives for the last time.

Rastra looked at the Catalan MP and said, “it’s impossible to vote in a permanent Parliament. On that day, the chairman of the organization will criticize the minister.”.

-Wait a minute. I didn’t criticize minister irah. I criticized candidate irah. Sen was right.

No one said goodbye, but everything was clear.

-We don’t allow infidelity, Mary Jesus Montero said at another time of the date.

What do you want to tell us, Mary Jesus? Throw Irene Montero out and see what she put on the table.

“As I said, Irene, we will not tolerate such infidelity,” the finance minister added.

“We will not tolerate infidelity to alliance agreements,” the Minister for equality replied when considering pensions.

After the problem was solved, the meeting began. We agreed to strengthen coordination, and it is clear that there is no choice but the alliance. There are tensions, especially in Catalonia now, but eventually a solution will be found because everyone knows there is no choice. “We have agreed to reduce the level of public dramatization,” the socialists concluded “We have agreed that we have to make all the decisions,” they concluded, adding that at the United Nations we can.

All roads lead to the same point: no one wants to break it. A member of the PSOE government made it clear: “what’s the point of being able to unite from the government? So you can’t approve anything? Or go to the election. Why? We have a very large budget to implement. Seventy two billion euros, coming from Europe, must be used to modernize the country, and in order to participate in the elections, we must first address the epidemic and get out of the crisis. The term of Parliament will be long. ” Another sentence: “the problem is that we may need to always differentiate ourselves because it’s going backwards. If the church is not in the government, as we said, it will have more freedom to make these criticisms, and they will do better. But they pawned, and now there’s no turning back. ” A joint minister agreed that the term of parliament would be long: “there will be discussions, there will be discussions, and it is important that these discussions should take place within the government, not in parliament, because this is not the way to discuss the right-wing agenda, that is, social Communists destroy Spain. But in the end, Spain has the most stable union in Europe. When the Italian government collapsed, we consolidated the legislature here. In the end, everything came out. Five decrees were passed this week. We will fight, but the legislature will run out because of the desperation of the right wing. ”

Here comes Catalan week of tension. But after the storm, calm will come, at least according to ministers. As long as we unite, Catalonia will not collapse, which may lead to a more subtle situation. Two weeks to go.