“If A Moor Comes, Or Wakes Up In Intensive Care Or In A Box”

2021-01-31   |   by CusiGO

A few days ago, the El lasso community school in Las Palmas, great Canary Islands, looked more like a prison than an immigration camp. The gate is open, you can go in and out, but most residents dare not leave the gate. “On Tuesday, we went out to get the money my family sent me. It was 3 p.m. and in the street, a car with four people stopped us, “said monsiff, a 24-year-old Moroccan. “They showed us some big knives from the inside and shot into the air with Bali guns. We had to run, “he added.

Seven Moroccan residents of the school were attacked by organized neighbors in just five days from Monday to Thursday this week, according to Cruz Blanca, a Franciscan NGO that runs the school. “Stop throwing stones at the center. Don’t let our new neighbors hear the screams of terrorists any more. Stop the attack. “Don’t blame others for our dissatisfaction with the political decisions being made,” the group called in a statement. “We’re all scared. I feel like I’m in prison, “sighs another Yassin, who lives at school. “Anyone who breaks the rules and commits a crime must be arrested and tried, but in 21st century Europe, beating immigrants is a disgrace.”

Grand canary is a powder keg, and the central government has gathered about 7000 immigrants who have arrived in Patra. In just a few weeks, racist rhetoric has led to threats and attacks on immigrants from fearful neighbors who are convinced that they must protect their children, women and property from “invasion.”. They are no longer thugs of WhatsApp, but armed citizens, fighting for justice in several communities on the island.

Four young canaries, obsessed with marijuana, spend their afternoon naps in a corner near Z รก rate, an official sanctuary close to the school that has now become a fortress. They claim that a Moroccan sexually assaulted one of their neighbors and warn that they had better not Feet on your turf. On his street, a young Maghreb was brutally beaten and he ran out as far as he could. “We don’t know what he did. But he was unfortunately lost, “said one of the boys with Sona. Three young women in robes and pajamas watched the conversation from the windowsill. “The moors will be very sad. If someone comes, or wakes up in an intensive care unit or a box, “threaten one of them.

The police commander insisted that the crimes committed by foreigners and the attacks they suffered were “rare” and “isolated”, but at the same time, they ordered increased surveillance in the four most likely communities in the capital. Two of them have immigration camps. These four or four are listed in the national list of vulnerable communities, a list that brings together or adjoins those with the worst unemployment, learning and housing levels.

At 9 p.m. on Wednesday, the speaker standing across from Chinatown in rehoa shook at full speed. It sounds like a trap. Kids mix vodka and energy drinks, and fireworks color the 45 square meter old block pink. It’s an unauthorized protest against illegal immigrants, which has called more than 100 people in defiance of the 10 p.m. curfew. “There’s no bed for so many people,” they sing. The police showed up twice: understanding and good words, keeping a distance and turning off the music. Eight years ago, the area made headlines by throwing stones at armed men and finally applauded riot fighters.

Although the atmosphere was lively, last Friday and Saturday nights were bloody. The version and the reason don’t match, but some of the facts are correct. A Moroccan opened a knife to a nearby neighbor, sewed five stitches, and had a two centimeter cut on his sternum. The attack led to the persecution of the perpetrator or anyone similar to them. Some of his neighbors are very active in groups promoting “moor hunting” on social media, and they take pictures of themselves with machetes and knives in one of the law enforcement patrols.

Jeremy, a fictional name, is a 31 year old Canary who received a razor. He raised his Hoodie to expose the cut in his chest. “He almost killed me, leaving my two children fatherless,” he repeated. About three weeks ago, he said, things changed when immigrants started stealing clothes from clotheslines. Then, he said, they steal the kids’ skates and scare the girls.

As he describes it, this man is in the process of “re integrating into society”, he settled several outstanding bills to the court, and vowed that he didn’t want to get into trouble. But he warned: “if they come to war, we will defend ourselves. Mice attack when they are afraid. What if it’s not fair? What’s more unfair is that my son can’t walk on the street alone in case his skateboard is stolen. ” The neighbors on the street that night were right. They swore that there would be no more peace. They were afraid. Some people deal with more or less real information, while others are totally intoxicated by nonsense, such as the king of Morocco putting soldiers disguised as irregular immigrants on the mothership.

Just two kilometers from the city center, two people attacked by the volunteers fell asleep. One of them, a 25-year-old girl, had half a round face and one eye was closed. He’s been sleeping on the street for six months, almost since he came to Petra. He didn’t go to the doctor because he had no papers and was afraid of the police. Among his few papers, there were several prescriptions for sedatives and antidepressants. “They attacked them with Taser guns and battery fluid. They came with such a big knife,” said a friend of the canary, who marked the distance between the wrist and elbow. “They threw stones at me and put knives in my stomach. I was saved because I came from here, “he said. Another victim, a 20-year-old Moroccan, did not even come to Patra. He flew to the islands 12 years ago to be reunited with his mother. He also lives on the street and his eyes are swollen. “First of all, we followed a white car and almost hit me. “We ran out, and then a van came, and they got out of the car and hit him,” recalls a canary girl who was with him. “He was accused of stabbing the Canary while it was with me.”

Experts, social organizations and the police themselves believe that tensions will increase. The immigrants are still unable to continue their journey to the peninsula, and the trickle of Patras continues. Although the relocation of the hotel will ease the pressure of the tourist area, it will make thousands of people concentrate in the center of the three towns of grand Canaria, Tenerife and fulventura again. “There is a lack of more cooperation between central and local governments,” says Vicente Zapata, a professor of human geography at Laguna University. “We have to be very careful not to stigmatize the community or blame the society it is in. “We have to focus on the root cause of the problem, the wrong immigration strategy of the Canary Islands countries,” sapata said. “We should reflect on the fact that immigration policy is getting everyone in the Canary Islands to agree that the current model of concentrating thousands of people is not working. There must be dialogue, reflection and clarification of other methods. “