Churches Fight For Their Paradise

2021-01-31   |   by CusiGO

Heaven is like this: to be a minority member of a coalition government and show a left conscience in the social democratic party he dreams of replacing one day. Paul Iglesias doesn’t seem to have too many complex assumptions. Even trying to make weak virtue. Although at the best of times we may have 25% of the vote, he argued, “they will never let us rule.” From the first day, he entered the government ambitiously, touched power and “soared to the sky”, a former IU leader stressed: “this is also one of his great strengths.”. “We never thought, we’re somewhere else, we don’t have the determination.” Just to get to heaven, he had to be content with a small package. It’s time to protect her with her nails and teeth every day.

The opposition’s big brush depicts the church as a Machiavelli de Vallecas, who successfully turned the SPD into a hostage of radical politics. This image is far from troubling the leaders of the United Nations. But it’s nothing like what he said when he spoke to the audience. What the church is saying to them now is that we have to be realistic: the whole heaven will never be conquered. Last October, he told Jacobin, a left-wing magazine in the United States, “our only chance to become a government force is to join the SPD, provided that the SPD bears the main responsibility.”. We have to admit that the relevance of power will not change in the short term and that we may not be able to achieve all of its goals, he repeated, defending some abandonment. A close colleague was surprised to explain that his speech no longer seemed to be to win more space, but to prevent his speech from being missed. A defensive strategy, a defensive strategy, although at first glance may give the impression of an aggressive.

It is said that the church and their closest people are satisfied with their presence in the government. Leaders’ collaborators say they are making “the PSOE left.”. They listed their achievements: solidarity played a decisive role in accelerating the minimum living income, raising the RTE or raising the minimum wage; the vice president gained momentum in evictions, supply disruptions or rent increases. “But can people feel it? Or will the benefits of all this be recognized by PSOE? “A ministerial position was asked, but no answer was found.

Known data confirm these suspicions. The first elections since the governments of Galicia and yoshidi came to power were a disaster. In Catalonia, polls show that it is difficult for Comte podham to maintain his position, and Iglesias is the most respected member of the government, along with the Minister for equality, Irene Montero. As for the national leader, in the latest CIS barometer released this week, he is only ahead of Santiago Abbas Carr, half a percentage point lower than a year ago. In the training, they think it is the result of what they think is continuous media and judicial harassment against him. One incoming leader believes that this has also led to his unwillingness to correct his attitude of comparing Carls puygedmont with Republican exiles, a mistake that almost everyone on the team has admitted, and even IDA Crowe has accused him.

Iglesias saw his political space shrink and his organization be emptied – “we, as an organization, have actually disappeared,” Gloria elizo told confidential members a few days ago, The last key voice is still there, and their survival strategy is to seize everything from the government. He came to the conclusion that his only choice was to be a partner of PSOE and prevent PSOE from finding another right partner. That’s why he tried to blow up all the bridges with citizens during budget negotiations. Your bet is indispensable to becoming a PSOE. A dangerous bet: it’s going to be swallowed up by all of you.

Together, we can choose to rule with the PSOE, and we can see that they are different from the PSOE. Put obvious pressure on him to make it clear that without them there would be no real left-wing government. As the guardian of the essence of the Alliance Program, the church often calls it “the law.”. Tighten the rope and never break it, because the rope will hang him. Because there are few other powerful voices in this organization, and only the church can play this role. He likes it, too. The critical consciousness of vice president and government. He’s willing to stick to his juggling practice.

Since 2015, there has not been an election in which we can unite without losing votes. That’s why any progress, no matter how small, in the upcoming Catalan elections will be a comfort. Polls show the group panicked after the events in Galicia and Basque in July. For Iglesias, the start of the campaign coincides with good news: Dina’s case is almost certain to come to an end. Another bullet hit our leader and it turned out to be a blank. The vice president will take part in several events in Catalonia, but there, the tone of the campaign will be defined in the Catalan brand com รบ podem, one of the few spaces we still have no control over after Andalusia’s breakup with Theresa Rodriguez. Things are going well in Catalonia. The success will be attributed to IDA Klau. If things go wrong, the responsibility will fall on the church.

The poor results of nkom bodham, together with the expected progress of the PSC, will weaken the church politically. It’s also within the government. But all sources of consultation said that this in no way meant a change in strategy. “One of our leaders commented that the alliance will definitely continue to exist 100% and that there will continue to be differences.” The pressure of the second vice president will not be broken, because he is convinced that the PSOE is the same as the PSOE: it is the only guarantee that he will continue to cross heaven.