An Avalanche Around Virgil

2021-01-31   |   by CusiGO

The first day of 2021 is the last day of the C é SAR fern á ndez and Virgilio Garc í a snow sweeper. Virgilio, 62, has been cleaning roads with a milling machine that painted white walls for 20 years. On the right is Caesar, 52, who worked with him for a few days. He’ll help you when he retires.

Map of the world heavy snow in the port of Puerto de San Isidro in Asturias, Spain, brings them to an area where avalanches, storms and steep canyons often occur. Nothing new. The first call was received around 1:30 p.m., because a van, a coach and an SUV need to go from the ground floor of Rio Fria high to kovas and felicosa. They left. Two hours later, the snow sweeper broke into three pieces on a cliff 200 meters away from the road, and the driver died; the truck driver was trapped in the car, in danger of frostbite; the other two cars were separated by white villains caused by the avalanche.

The temporary cease-fire kept Virgil in the snow for four weeks. As emergency services hovered near the critical point, a landmark and aerial camera scanned the vicinity of the accident, but did not forget the continuing risk of debris flow. The body appeared 100 meters from the cab of the machine, between a 10 meter thick white cloak and a deep passage of water and ice, and the operator had to move with a rope between the waterfalls.

Aitor Rodr í Guez, 28, still has fresh memories of the disaster. He and his girlfriend drove their SUV to the milling machine and took the last place on the road. Soon, they started their previous tourism industry, with a couple and a girl. Rodr í Guez said the 4×4 wheels will open up a more accessible road for utility companies, knowing the complexity of the port, especially in winter. Suddenly, there was a crack between the snow shovel and them. Virgil and Caesar stepped back and opened the left lane for the young couple. Then the nightmare began in a merciless storm.

Both cars hid under a riot barrier, waiting for Virgil and Caesar to get out of the van behind them. The group felt uneasy. Rodriguez recalled that all of a sudden, huge dust, a snowstorm with a huge shock wave, sent out the “fat” avalanche signal. When they called 112, they were horrified: another phone warned that the separation might have reached the milling machine. The operator asked him not to take risks. But he did. Rodriguez walked up to the fallen dough, desperate to get an answer from the driver of the van on the other side. -Nothing. Only cold, snow and the worst omens.

Fernando Cordero’s hands were rolling around in a cup of coffee, as if he had been wondering why the avalanche came down when both workers were in this critical area without protective masks. Cordero is a hotel owner of a nearby ski resort. When he talks with Virgil and Caesar at noon, he doesn’t expect that the day will end fatally. A few hours later, a carousel named Rodriguez and 112 confirmed to him that something terrible had happened. He and his brother hurried off the SUV and headed for the avalanche. Just a few meters in front of the huge white mole, they saw the van knocked down. Below her, her driver, half naked and hypothermic, took a long time to warm up and tell them what happened. He walked cautiously behind the milling machine, when it stopped, just under a ditch that usually goes downhill. Driver David explained that the operator sent out a distress signal and left the car. The owner of the hotel, Cordero, suspected that he had misunderstood the gestures and was actually warning him to leave because “snow sweepers are forbidden to ask for help.”. Then a cold tsunami hit his truck.

Meanwhile, ETO Rodriguez comforted another couple waiting for help. Other landslides cut off roads, and rescuers had to walk to their location, after two kilometers of pain, cold, and temple urgency.

Every minute, he was trying to save the operator. A team of fire brigade, mountain guard and police dog troops began tracking in extreme conditions at night. Anyone can have the same fate as Virgil and Caesar. One of them reported that they were acting in “unstable and painful conditions.”. An arm appeared. It was as cold as air, and they carefully dragged Caesar’s body onto the road, but it was still snowing. Their hearts and confidence in finding their companions, loved by the brigade, overcame their minds and prudence until dawn, when they stopped their efforts. As Francisco barrenada, head of the Asturias fire center, insists, it’s impossible to do this between casual workers: “we’ve got two victims, and we don’t want to do that anymore.” The family took the necessary precautions. Sadness dominates avilino Alonso’s clear eyes. He and Virgil have made countless explorations together. Virgil is a friend of a “brave and very good man”. Unfortunately, at the age of 54, he exposed the dangers of such a shoddy job.

Nature dwarfs any human effort: it took rescuers four eternal weeks to heal a wound on the mountain. In the rearview mirror, you can see the top of the mountain and a solemn white mark, completely frozen. It’s like nothing happened. It’s like nothing’s going to happen. The snow is still there.