The “Trial” Prisoners Were Released In Third Grade On The First Day Of The Campaign

2021-01-29   |   by CusiGO

On Friday, the detainees left the prison where they were serving their sentences after the government granted the independent leader a third degree on Thursday. The first woman to be released is a former congresswoman from Dolores Barca’s government. When she left Puig DelEs Barca prison in Figueres (Girona), she called for mobilization to “win again” on February 14. Barca left his prison at 8:45 on Friday. After 10.30, jodis (Sanchez and cussaud) and former councillors oriol jonquilas, Raul romeva, Jodi turur, Joaquin fuhn and Josep Ruhr left the legona Bureau (Barcelona). They are doing so to display a banner demanding amnesty, and the only one who will not leave the prison is carme forcadell, the former speaker of Parliament, who is still waiting for a resolution.

On Thursday, on the eve of the 14-F campaign, the Justice Department approved prison transfers to government members and The Supreme Court sentenced the ANC and Au entities to nine to 13 years in prison. The decision allows convicted people to sleep freely in prison during the day and, if they want, to run for their party.

After she left Puig DelEs bath prison, the former congresswoman called for an independent vote at 14-F, because “everyone who stays at home has one vote for 155 people,” she said of the application of this article of the constitution. “We have to win again.”, On the first day of the Catalan women’s campaign, she pointed out this in a statement to the media.

The office of the prosecutor will once again file a three-tier appeal against the prisoners at trial, but sources from the office believe that oriol junkeras and other independent leaders will enjoy semi freedom throughout or most of the election campaign.