Vox Aid Government

2021-01-28   |   by CusiGO

This time it’s not geometry, it’s pure circus stunts. In an important vote in Congress, the government, without any support, was trapped in the implementation of a multi million dollar European fund, on which all hopes of economic recovery were pinned. With two weeks to go before Catalonia’s election and the atmosphere of former minister Salvador illa’s candidacy, ERC withdrew from the election and voted against it at a plenary meeting on Thursday. The citizen’s hand, which was not available this time, once allowed the government to make up for Esquire’s refusal to extend the alert. The people of ines yarmada have become “no”, the people’s party is unshakable, and even “yes” is not enough to destroy eberdu and other countries. The executive branch is heading towards the failure of Parliament and is thus embarrassed to face Brussels. Then the Savior’s stunt came to the last place people wanted to see it: from Vox, he abstained, allowing the government to save a critical trance.

Santiago abaskar’s party follows the basic manual of revenge: preferably cold. Three months ago, the people’s party overturned vox’s condemnation motion with Barbaro cassado’s brutal attack. Now it’s time for the far right party to play again. At that time, the ambush had an accident, although now the role has changed. Vox’s abstention demonstrates its responsibility to potential beneficiaries of European funds, leaving the BJP with the image of a more obstructive party than the far right. In a coup on the eve of the general election in Catalonia, some polls show that the voter turnout is likely to exceed that of the PP.

Everything has changed for members of Congress since the election in Catalonia. Last Monday, the Permanent Delegation of the house of representatives sent a notice to the government that it will end the election by an overwhelming majority in 2020. On that day, the chief executive lost four votes, three of which were to hold irah accountable before he left the health care facility. At that time, the people’s party and the Democratic Progressive party agreed on the strategy of opposing the government.

The true extent of the ILA effect will be determined in 14-F, although there is now a concrete result: it has attracted ERC and, to a lesser extent, citizens. Esquire continued to heat up the engine on Wednesday and announced on twitter by Madrid spokesman Gabriel rufian that he would vote against the European fund plan at a special plenary session of Congress on Thursday, which would give effect to five decrees passed by the government in December. “His real author was ceoe, and he gave all his money to ibex,” the rogue wrote. The government was in a daze, and it quickly began negotiations with other small parties.

After reaching an agreement with EH bildu and other countries, the administration arrived in parliament on 15 September and the act will be treated as a bill to enable groups to amend it. But the people’s party is not willing to brag to the government. This time, they’re not citizens, and they won’t even speak with a simple abstention, because Carmen Calvo, the first vice president in charge of the negotiations, has no say: more than half of the house seems to be against it.

Of course, no one would think of Vox, which systematically opposes everything about “social communist government.”. Especially after listening to his spokesman, Ivan Espinosa delosmontros, in the plenary. Espinosa Delos Monteros, one of the least vocal members of Vox, stressed at the beginning of his speech that the management of these funds is crucial for Spain to successfully reverse the crisis. But then he lashed out at the government for designing a management system that would create “the largest customer network in history.”.

A few minutes later, Espinosa de Los Monteros, in the excitement of the hall, announced what his team would vote for, which stunned reporters: “abstention is the wisest choice. Every day a businessman closes. We hope that assistance will be in place as soon as possible. ” The decree will eventually succeed in an incredible gesture: EHR birdu’s “yes” and Vaux’s abstention, “protara” and “Neo fascist” (as they call each other) together to save the government. Just as Carmen Calvo was later heard thanking those who “indirectly” facilitated the ratification, it was a clear hint to the far right. The voting in one thread is quite loose: 170 for, 126 against, 52 abstaining, voting. The two political parties of the government include PNV, eh bildu, more country, compromis, Canaria coalization, Nueva Canarias, Cantabria regionalism party and Teruel espressa. Other decrees were also approved, including the temporary suspension of deportation, which was severely disqualified by the right wing for “infringing private property”.

However, the victory was accompanied by a series of reproaches. Most groups, starting with the people’s party, accuse the government of being opaque in its actions, pretending to manage funds without being accountable to Congress, and creating legal uncertainty through its proposal to relax administrative and environmental procedures to act more quickly. On the left, even those who support the bill, doubt that the plan is good for big companies, suggesting that new, difficult negotiations will take place as a bill.

But the real fight is right. The people’s party tweeted the jugular vein vox. His secretary general, Teodoro Garc í a EGEA, distributed a picture of Abbas Kar on a PSC poster. In the conference room, Javier Ortega Smith, Secretary General of Vox, revived the forgotten label of “Coward right” and attacked the people’s party. “After what they have done today, who is the coward right? The popular Carlos Rojas replied. Joan baldovi, comomis’s deputy, said with a smile, “I smell napalm on the right side of the line.” Like last October, after vox’s censure motion, a married man was censured for being on the far right.