They Vote In Catalonia And Play In Madrid

2021-01-28   |   by CusiGO

Elections in Catalonia have never been held in the complicated Spanish autonomous prefecture as they are now. In the past ten years, they have not only maintained their own uniqueness, but also determined the political calm or turbulence in Spain. The independence process supported by sovereign parties has triggered the most serious institutional crisis in the democratic system in 40 years.

The election results on February 14 will pave the way for a new era of Catalan politics and national politics. The basis of the change will be written with the name of the party in order to get more votes, or with the result of the second group. Among the three controversial parties, their number will determine their present and future in national politics.

The first game will be between ERC, PSC and junts in Catalonia. After them, in com ú podem, citizens, the people’s party and vox faced these elections in a dramatic way, and in the case of the top three, they happily surpassed Santiago Abbas Carr.

The PSC led by Salvador illa has lower expectations of victory than the ERC, but her desire to win is not as pessimistic as the Republicans and supporters of Laura Borr á s expected. Even if she is not her candidate, she is supported by Carles puigdemont. The PSC can only be defeated with the support of four, five or six members. From then on, irah will become the leader of the opposition party, drawing up a draft Constitution for Catalonia, which, according to the second point of the socialist plan, will help Ramon cloya. One is rule.

The point is that if irah does not arrive in Palau, he will be in charge of a new project, with absolute domestic support, including the strong municipal power indispensable to socialists.

The lights of the civic, people’s party, vox and com ú podem Unidos Puedo headquarters will be as bright on election night in Barcelona and Madrid. The Party of in é s arrimadas, which won the 2017 election, is helping its opponents share their votes with astonishing speed. In the people’s party, they attach great importance to their candidate Alejandro Fernandez, but vox may enter the DPP with the same or greater strength as Pablo cassado, the leader of the people’s party. Santiago abaskar won’t leave him. A bad outcome in the house of Commons is bad for the Federation, whose ability to exert pressure on its SPD partners will further decline, and this election goes far beyond the election of Catalonians.