The People’S Party Is Looking For The Sewers Of The Psoe To Cover Up The Kitchen Scandal

2021-01-28   |   by CusiGO

The people’s party accused PSOE and Unidos Mayo of submitting a document on illegal espionage to the kitchen Commission during Mariano Rajoy’s administration, involving Luis B á rcenas, the former president of the interior ministry. On their list of hearings, the people’s party did not ask for any grassroots positions at this stage, but asked Paul Iglesias and the socialist minister or former minister more than 20 years ago. The BJP is trying to avoid being sued by the government when the opposition is in power by calling on the PSOE’s sewers and so-called internal filth.

PSOE and power have proposed that former president Mariano Rajoy appear in court, but they disagree on quoting the controversial retired Commissioner, Jos é Manuel villarejo, who is one of the main players in the kitchen operation. The PSOE wants to avoid this for the time being, and after the initial doubt, we can support being subpoenaed like other parties.

“In a normal democracy, the opposition supervises the government from the parliament, but the purpose here is just the opposite, because the ruling party will use the kitchen committee to supervise the people’s party, People’s spokesman Luis Santamaria complains that he is already in the opposition because both of them have served in judicial cases that have been made public at national hearings.

MPs of the people’s party insist that his party is no longer in power, so he understands that under the leadership of former minister Jorge Fernandez DIAS, he has taken political responsibility for what may happen to the Ministry of the interior between 2013 and 2016, Rajoy is one of the closest friends and collaborators of former president Rajoy.

Therefore, the people’s party believes that these political responsibilities have been removed from the ballot box because it reminds people that the affected people “are no longer the front line of their party”. Rajoy left politics and returned to his property register. The people’s party abandoned and removed former minister Fernandez Diaz and his former number two, former Secretary of state for security, Francisco Martinez.

PSOE and United can, but they can also be ERC. More countries, countries and even citizens do not agree with this view. They understand that Rajoy must appear and explain his understanding of this rally. At this rally, he used domestic resources and resources to try to cover up his corruption cases and spy on the party’s National predecessors, Louis balsenas.

For weeks, government partners have been negotiating the committee’s first hearing, which was approved in October, and which has just started work, recording their demands on Wednesday, but with some clear differences. PSOE thinks Rajoy should be present, but there are no more political leaders than those in charge of the interior ministry, such as minister Jorge Fernandez DIAS, former Secretary of state for security Francisco Martinez and Jose Antonio Nieto, and former police chief Ignacio cosido. The socialists also wanted to call Dolores de cospeda, then the former Secretary General of the people’s party, and her husband Ignacio Lopez del Hiro, but most importantly, the police chief and commander were said to have been involved in illegal espionage against bassanas.

We can, just as PSOE would like to hear from Rajoy, extesorero of barsena, his wife rosalia Iglesias and other interior ministers, we can also hear from his former vice president, Soraya Saenz de Santamaria – as vox has asked– The creation of Iglesias puts Eduardo Inda, the head of OK Diario, at the end of the list. This proposal is not supported by the PSOE, which does not want to involve other media representatives who have investigated the operation.

On its list, the people’s Party demanded that, in addition to villareho, who has been imprisoned since November 2017, Pablo Iglesias, the second vice president and leader of the Federation, and Gloria ilezo, the party leader and third vice president of the Congress, should also attend the Committee; Several current and former socialist ministers, such as Fernando Grande marasca (Ministry of the interior), Margarita Robles (Ministry of Defense), Juan Alberto belloch (Ministry of the interior and justice) or Mariano Fernandez bemejo (Ministry of Justice), as well as attorney general Dolores Delgado (former Minister of Justice), The people’s party also requested the presence of Marta flor Nunez and Jose Luis Calvin. We conducted a judicial investigation into the mobile phone theft of Dina busselham, former president of Iglesias.

The people’s party believes that it is not afraid of what villareho said in the Committee. It points out that this fear must be borne by PSOE. We can investigate the subpoena of the Commissioner in nearly five months. Now it reviews a sentence of villareho, which was mentioned in one of his recorded speeches He talked about his relationship with two major political parties: “the PSOE gave me money, gave me honor… PP just messed me up. ”

In an interview with countries already in prison, villareho, when asked who ordered him to carry out the kitchen operation, replied: “they told me, from Mrs. cospeda to the minister, the Secretary of state… The only person I don’t talk to personally is Rajoy, but I talk to him through a middleman. ”

Luis Santamaria, a spokesman for the people’s party, has reason to call on the former socialist interior and justice minister to discuss the management of the retained funds at that time: “the investigation into the kitchen is documented. But we have to know what happened before we used the reserve. ” On Paul Iglesias’ subpoena, he said: “he’s always been interested in sewers, so what they’re asking for is that they have access to documents because they’re represented in court.”

The hearing will take place on Thursday, with a weighted vote. The list most likely to get the most support is the socialists, and villareho will not be on the Committee in the first place.