The New Military Chief Praised His Resigned Predecessor: “He Was Honored By His Decision.”

2021-01-28   |   by CusiGO

The new military leader, general Theodore Lopez Calder รณ n, took office on Thursday, praising his predecessor, general Michelangelo villaroya, who called for a truce after the controversy over the kvid-19 vaccination. In the presence of veraloa, the new chief of defense staff (gemade) admitted that this was an “unexpected relief” caused by “unfortunate circumstances” and expressed “admiration and respect” for him. Lopez Calderon stressed that when general villaroya resigned, “he made a decision to respect him in accordance with the values and principles of the Royal armed forces Ordinance. Through this gesture, he set an example for us and showed us his professional and humane status. ”

Defense Secretary Margarita Robles also praised outgoing jemaad for his 40 years of military career, especially in the past year when he led the army to intervene in the fight against the epidemic, first and foremost through action Balmis and the current fort. “You’ve always been the leader, you’ve always played for Spain. I know you’ll continue to play for Spain wherever you are,” he told him.

Robles criticized “some prosecutors” in a mysterious way, who “only look for mistakes, not generously admit that the army has done a good job.”. “These people are not fit to build Spain,” he added. “They serve the values that you represent and the values that the armed forces represent. This is the real Spain, a country of construction, a country of tolerance of mistakes. ”

In his resignation letter, villaroya defended his decision to speed up the vaccination of members of the national defense staff (Emad), with a view to “maintaining the integrity, continuity and effectiveness of the command system of the armed forces”, but he called for a voluntary stop so as not to damage the image of the army. From the criticism he received, we can get it from the right-wing media.

Mr. Robles began by asking for a minute of silence for all the victims of the epidemic, especially Juan del Rio, Archbishop of Castro, who was infected with coronavirus.

Three former military leaders attended the event in the courtyard of the Ministry of Defense: the last admiral, general Fernando Garcia Sanchez; former director of the National Intelligence Center, general Felix sands; and general Julio Rodriguez, Chief of staff of vice president Pablo Iglesias.