The National Court Ordered Rapper Pablo Hassell To Be Sent To Prison

2021-01-28   |   by CusiGO

The National High Court ordered rapper Pablo rivadulla Duro to be jailed for inciting terrorism and insulting the royal family and state institutions. He was sentenced to nine months and one day in prison at the Supreme Court in May 2020. Therefore, the judge rejected the defense’s request for suspension of punishment and gave him 10 days to voluntarily serve his sentence in prison. On twitter, his social networking site, hassle responded to the news on Thursday: “in the end, there is not enough unity to stop this freedom of speech that affects most of us.” The rapper added: “they’ll put me in jail for telling objective facts, but they’ll never make me give in.”

Hassle’s imprisonment dates back to 2014-2016, when he posted 64 messages on Twitter and played a song on the YouTube video channel. In a letter published in March 2016, he wrote next to a picture of Grabo Victoria Gomez, a member of the terrorist organization: “demonstrations are necessary, but not enough. Let’s support those who go further.” On his social network, the rapper had 54000 followers at the time (now more than 100000). He also accused the retired king and Philip VI of a number of crimes, including murder and embezzlement. “Friends of the kingdom of Spain bombed hospitals, while Juan Carlos went whoring with them,” he wrote in January of that year.

In March 2018, the National High Court sentenced him to two years and one day in prison and fined him 24300 euros. However, in September of the same year, the appeals chamber of the agency reduced the sentence to nine months and one day, because it held that although it had committed the convicted crime, the minimum penalty prescribed by law should be applied because its information did not pose a “real danger” to the individual. The Supreme Court confirmed this decision in May 2020.

Hassell was finally convicted in March 2015 for an act similar to another two-year imprisonment, but he was not jailed. He then asked to suspend the second sentence, a measure supported by the prosecutor’s office. Audiences across the country are now unanimously opposed to applying the benefit to him because they think the singer does not meet the “necessary conditions.”. Among them, this is his first conviction.

In the order available to the state, the judges stressed that the previous sentence had ended when he was sentenced to nine months’ imprisonment, and that this had been reflected in the sentence in the case of the application of the aggravated punishment for recidivists. The National High Court also stressed that since then it has been sentenced to two more heavy sentences for other acts. In 2017, he was convicted of resisting the authorities and the following year of breaking into a house.

“Neither the defendant’s personal circumstances, nor the nature of the facts, nor his conduct, make him worthy of doing so,” the judges concluded, refusing to suspend the nine-month sentence, which could be increased to about two years if he did not pay the fine pointed out by his lawyer, Diego hercheron. Decisions of the National High Court can be appealed.

It’s the third time the singer has been jailed in recent months. Last June, the first criminal court of Leda sentenced Hassell to six months’ imprisonment for assault on a TV3 reporter at a press conference held in the president’s office of Leda University in 2016. According to the judge, there is evidence that Hassel pushed, insulted and sprayed the reporters with cleaning fluid, so in addition to imprisonment, he paid the victim 12150 euros in compensation.

A few days after he was informed of the verdict, another court in the same city sentenced him to two and a half years in prison and fined 2400 euros for beating a man, who testified in a trial in which a Leda city guard detective charged with beating a minor friend of the rapper was acquitted. Both judgments have been appealed and have not yet been finalized.