The Judge Investigating The Pp B Box Asked For All The Documents Stolen From Bassanas In The Kitchen Plot.

2021-01-28   |   by CusiGO

Santiago pedraz, a judge of the National High Court, issued an order on Wednesday asking his colleague Manuel Garc í a Castell ó n to share a large number of documents he collected during his investigation into the 2013 espionage case against Luis B á rcenas. Pedraz wanted to put it in the open part of Box B of PP in the macro summary of G ü RTEL case. In particular, the judge asked for judicial statements and recordings of commissioner Jose Manuel villareho from some of the main persons involved, but most importantly, the documents taken by the police from the blackmailers in that illegal operation can now be recovered.

Pedraz took over the investigation of the last case in the G ü RTEL case after the departure of former judge Jos é de la Mata, so he tried to document the new link between the payments reflected in the so-called Bassana documents and the awarding of public contracts by the administration run by the people’s party, as well as the This is the crime of bribery. In September last year, the police reopened this line of investigation, which was cancelled because of information collected in another corruption case, the lezo case, because it was difficult to prove the relationship between the payments to the party and the ruling, The main participant was Ignacio Gonzalez, former president of the Madrid community. In this regard, in December last year, pedraz ordered an investigation into 23 rulings of nearly 600 million euros awarded by the Jos é Maria asnar government.

Now, at the request of the office of the prosecutor against corruption, the judge asked for “parts or fragments of the statements made by the Ministry of justice,” which were charged by Commissioner Enrique Garcia castanou (who cooperated with the judiciary and admitted stealing the documents), and Commissioner villareho, who both mentioned them He has bassanas. Sergio Rios, a former exesorer and later a confidant of the police, provided information on where he could hide documents that the police had conspired to steal against the BJP. In addition, the judge asked for the contents of two mobile phones that Garcia castaneo admitted that bascenas and his wife rosalia Iglesias overturned, which were later handed over to the then Secretary of state for security, Francisco Martinez, who was also charged in the kichin case. The judge stressed that the information contained in the two devices was provided by the policeman at a hearing at a national hearing.

In his order, judge g ü RTEL also asked for evidence of the information exchanged between the former interior No. 2 and the then Minister, Jorge Fernandez DIAS, and signed an agreement in two notaries, which “verified the existence of information about the location of the document, or referred to the existence of the document, and They will be owned or controlled by Louis balsenas. ” In addition, he is seeking compensation for some recordings made by villarejo that were bugged when he was arrested in 2017. These include tapes of his conversations with Garc í a Casta NIA O and businessman Adri á n de la JOYA, which “reveal the existence of documents that he keeps or that are available to him.”.

The judge also wishes to include villarejo’s report or record on the Spanish construction companies SA and licuas SA and their presidents Alfonso Garcia pozuello and Joaquin morpeceres in the case. The two companies are listed as the so-called donors of PP B boxes, collecting Brazilian documents. Garc í a Pozuelo, who was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment in the main trial of the G ü RTEL case, known as “time one”, admitted at the hearing that he paid the conspiracy’s leader, Francisco Correa, In exchange for Castilla’s and Leon’s works, he appeared in Barcelona’s newspapers nine times between 1998 and 2006, donating between 12000 and 60000 euros, totaling more than 258000 euros. MOLP é Ceres, on the other hand, was listed as a 60000 Euro donor of PP B boxes.

In addition, pedraz asked for a so-called “fact sheet” (internal police documents provided by villareho to his superiors), in which the retired commissioner disclosed documents hidden by the bassanians, And a copy of the PP extension file at the home of Francisco Martinez and driver Sergio Rios, “or help to find their information.”, And “any device in paper and digital […] held by others involved in the conspiracy and recorded or transferred in its original form to other computer devices acquired in the course of the litigation.”.