The Dilemma Of Cs, Pp And Vox Before El Salvador Ira May Take Office

2021-01-28   |   by CusiGO

Like the socialist party, the PSC right-wing party defending Catalonia’s right of permanent residence in Spain has two sides. For citizens, PP and Vox, the socialist candidates, on the one hand, are responsible for the health management of epidemics as the outgoing health minister, and they think it is a bad plan. But on the other hand, according to the polls, he is also the only constitutional politician who can win the ERC and junts elections and lead an alternative sum of money to expel them from the government. In this case, the citizen is the only one who does not rule out investment.

The rabbit was thrown by Javier Ortega Smith, Secretary General of vox. In an interview with the “digital OK daily” on the 22nd, the second person of the far right party said that if his party can prevent the independents “and coup” from ruling Catalonia after the election on February 14, he will “do his best” to prevent this. When asked if they would facilitate the government led by El Salvador IRA, vox Secretary General replied, “if you let me choose between a government led by PSOE or a coup or a separatist government, if we have to choose between bad and bad, we will choose the bad.”

However, after the commotion caused by his words, Ortega Smith and the Party leadership corrected it. “Vox will never make it easier for them [socialist candidates] to enter a government by universal suffrage. PSC and ERC are partners of the people’s front, “vox secretary general said later. For ultra, IRA’s fate is another: “his place is a prison.”

His rivals believe that Ortega Smith has inadvertently made a mistake, and vox’s correction reveals the dilemma faced by Catalan’s anti independence parties: what should be more important to avoid another separatist government, or to reject the health management of PSC candidates? PP solved this problem as vox and opposed investing in illa. “He won’t be the president we voted for. A consistent constitutionalist. “This will never be IRA,” said Alejandro fern รก ndez, a candidate for the people’s party. The BJP believes that if there is an alternative majority, “we have to have dialogue and reach an agreement: we also have to elect a better constitutional president than Europe’s worst health minister,” his candidate said. “We should all be generous.”

Today, the possibility of Iraq taking a step back is science fiction, but the rejection of the BJP and vox does indicate that if the result of the vote is far from that of the independents, there may be a deadlock. At the top of the Constitutional Party, they do not rule out the possibility of re-election. The case is reminiscent of a citizen’s crossroads in 2019, when she had to decide whether to appoint ADA colau as mayor of Barcelona to avoid the election winning ERC candidate Ernest maragall. At that time, CS, led by Albert Rivera, decided to break with candidate Manuel Valls and put the vote at the top of the house of Commons.

Paradoxically, now, under the leadership of ines alimotor, citizens have returned to pragmatism. Unlike PP and Vox, if it is necessary to expel ERC and junts, they have not explicitly ruled out the possibility of investing in ILA. Arrimadas’s proposal for PSC is a coalition government led by citizens, but when asked if irah is in the lead, CS leaders did not close the door to support him. “If there is a constitutional sum, we will definitely reach it,” he said Monday at zero wave. In CS, however, they warned that the key is not who wins, but who has the ability to get a majority. “The people’s party vetoed irah, but not karizoza. If PP and vox are to be used to understand, the question is who is easier to do this, “a source close to alimada pointed out.