Psoe Agreed Villarejo To Attend Congress Under Pressure From Partners And Opposition

2021-01-28   |   by CusiGO

The PSOE finally agreed that the controversial retired Commissioner, Jos é Manuel villarejo, would attend the kitchen investigation committee after several times of pressure on the government from some of the main partners of Parliament and the opposition, With regard to maliano Rajoy’s government’s Ministry of the interior’s abnormal use of the media to cover up the corruption cases of the people’s party, the SPD has been waiting for the committee meeting after the plenary meeting on Thursday to correct its starting point and accept that the existence of villareho may be controversial and noisy, But it’s also the key to clarifying the operation, which internally helped the espionage of former president Louis balsenas of the people’s party. The solution is that all political parties voted for the PNV’s use of vilarejo and Garcia castanou, and the list put forward by PSOE together with other participants was supported by podemo.

The PNV hearing, which vox also presented as its own proposal on Thursday, was very brief and simple at the beginning. He voted for all the votes. Basque nationalists initially only wanted villarejo and Enrique Garc í a Casta ó o Commissioner (known as El Gordo) to be another element of the plot, the main center of the state’s police sewer. In his final statement to judge Manuel Garc í a Castell ó n on December 14, Garc í a Casta í o said that senior officials in Mariano Rajoy’s government were informed that there were “other” secret operations in addition to the spy Luis B á rcenas.

By Wednesday, both sides will have time to submit their hearing proposals to the kitchen Committee. PSOE searched him. There’s no villarrejo in there. The SPD does believe that from 2013 to 2016, Mariano Rajoy, the former executive chairman of the people’s party, should attend committee meetings, but at present, there are no more politicians than the head of the Ministry of the interior, such as Jorge fern á ndez D í AZ, the minister; Former state secretaries for security, Francisco Martinez and Jose Antonio Nieto, and former police chief Ignacio cosido.

The socialists also proposed calling Maria Dolores de cospeda, then the former Secretary General of the people’s party, and her husband Ignacio Lopez del Hiro, but most importantly, the police chief and commander, who were alleged to have been involved in illegal espionage, went to bassanas to find out from whom they had been ordered. The understanding of the SPD is that quoting veraleho’s words, giving him a media and political platform to meet with the main spokesmen of all political parties in Congress may be a gift with too much risk. They believe that retired Commissioners can use this to lie, get drunk and make noise.

After the vote on Thursday night, socialists said that they did not object to the arrival of villareho, but in any case, in the end, according to the information collected by the committee, did they think it was appropriate, but they decided to finally agree with the demands of the majority group: Other forces agreed that villarrejo’s timing in the first PSOE was right, because what we want is that anyone who can illuminate and clarify the past can come to the Committee. ” The list of socialists was voted by the Federation.

Gabriel hooligans, from ERC, When he left the committee, he admitted that he had “satisfactorily” sprained PSOE’s arm with a political “carambola”, and in the whole day’s efforts and contacts, and a little we can allow him to appear, which he always called “Vito Corleone” of this operation. A spokesman for more country gave a full account of this: “it doesn’t make sense to get rid of the corrupt captain from the kitchen Committee. The pressure is working; villarrejo will come.”

Some of PSOE’s permanent or habitual allies, such as Unidos Mayo, but also ERC, admit that it is possible to have too much contact with villarejo, but they believe that this can also be triggered by the emergence of former minister Jorge fern á ndez or his former number two (who is now the main enemy of the case), Francisco Martinez. In addition, they believe that in order to convince the socialists, the role of villareho in this case, as well as in some cases related to the so-called national sewers, makes it absolutely necessary for him to provide some credit for the work of the Committee.

Leaders like ERC spokesman Gabriel rufian and other federations admitted anonymously in Congress on Thursday that they were working privately with the government and the PSOE to get them to accept their reasons. Although the list of participants has been registered and closed, they are discussing solutions to reach some kind of amendment at the committee’s working meeting to accept villareho.

Vox also believed that the Commissioner’s attendance at the work of the committee was “key and core”, and announced before the morning meeting that if villarejo was eventually rejected by the PSOE, they believed that the collusion of the United Nations could be achieved, They will negotiate with the Commissioner’s defence counsel to interrogate him at estemera prison in Madrid, where he has been imprisoned since November 2017, and they will record this conversation and provide it to members in its entirety.

In an interview with countries already in prison, villareho, when asked who ordered him to carry out the kitchen operation, replied: “they told me, from Mrs. cospeda to the minister, the Secretary of state… The only person I don’t talk to personally is Rajoy, but I talk to him through a middleman. ”

We can, like PSOE, also want to hear from Rajoy, the Brazilian’s extesorero, his wife, rosalia Iglesias, and other interior ministers, as well as his former vice president, Soraya Saenz de Santamaria – as vox asked– Pablo Iglesias’ final project included a call to Eduardo Inda, the head of OK Diario, which was not supported by the PSOE, which did not want to include other media representatives who had been investigated About the operation.

During the “kitchen operation”, the people’s party was a political party in power and in charge of internal affairs, and now feels free from the shackles of the past, because its political protagonist is no longer a front row figure, and has included villareho, who has been imprisoned since November 2017, on its list. However, he did not introduce any of the former senior people’s officials at that time, because he knew that they had lost in the last election, or were removed from the election list, and had assumed political responsibility. What the people’s party has done is to draw up a list with the leaders of the Social Democratic Party and the Federation. We can counteract what they understand as the attempt of the current administration to audit from the government to the present opposition organizations.

The people’s party wants them to pass the kitchen Committee, so that the second vice president and Federation leader, Pablo Iglesias, the party leader and third vice president of Congress, Gloria elizo, and several current and former socialist ministers, such as Fernando grand maraska (Ministry of the interior) and Margaret Robles (Ministry of Defense), will be able to, Juan Alberto belloch (Home Affairs and justice) or Mariano Fernandez bemejo (Justice), as well as state attorney general Dolores Delgado (former attorney general), former judge of the National High Court of Baltasar Garson, The people’s party also asked Marta flor nunnes and Jose Louis Calvin to be present, both of whom had been working with meadows to conduct a judicial investigation into the mobile phone theft of Dina buseham, the former Iglesias speaker. None of this was taken into account.