Pilar Lima Will Be A Spokesman For The University Of Podham At The Valencia Court

2021-01-28   |   by CusiGO

After two weeks of tension, unides podem pilar Lima, the first Autonomous State Councillor to speak in sign language, will appoint a new parliamentary speaker at the Valencia Court on Thursday. Lima, the Regional Coordinator of bodem, succeeded nayala Davao. The group and like-minded members – the eight member group, which split by 50% of the vote in the election, have given up one of their signatures to make it easier for Ma to have enough support.

“In the face of some people’s irresponsibility or ambition, we put the responsibility on the table. In order to protect podham, we will give up one of our companies and let pilar Lima become a new board member, but also show our dissatisfaction,” Davao explained before attending the group meeting an mp.

The tension and threat of disruption in bodem began in July 2020, when Lima, under the leadership of vice president Pablo Iglesias, became the autonomous coordinator of morada training. Just two weeks ago, the citizens Council decided to replace Davao with Lima. It assured us that the committee had put forward a motion challenging the vote, which had not yet been resolved.

Before that, the outgoing spokesperson assured her that she would comply with the resolution in some way and believed that “everyone” would do so. “We are taking this step forward in view of the apparent refusal to wait for an appeal,” he stressed after trying to gain consensus over the past few days.

As a result, she warned that the fact that Lima would be co ordinator and board member of podham “deviates from the mandate of members of the previous parliament.”. “There is no obvious political reason,” she and her colleagues, Ferran Martinez, beatrio gasco and Irene Gomez, reiterated in the appeal.

After taking over, Davao will continue to be a member of Parliament, as “at present” only deals with the change of trade unions, despite Lima’s proposal that she act as a second spokesperson.