On The Eve Of The 14-F Election, The Government Awarded “Proc É S” Prisoners Third Grade.

2021-01-28   |   by CusiGO

On the eve of the 14-F campaign, the government approved the award of the third tier, The Ministry of Justice approved the prison agency’s proposal to give half freedom to members of the government and to the leaders of the ANC and umm Nim entities, who were sentenced by the Supreme Court to nine to 13 years in prison. Two years in prison. The decision allows convicted people to sleep freely in prison during the day and, if they want, to run for their party.

The Ministry of justice’s Secretariat for criminal measures, social reintegration and victim care decided on Thursday that prisoners on trial should be classified as level three. The decision comes just hours from the campaign for autonomous elections scheduled for February 14, 2021, just weeks after the Supreme Court announced that it was “too early” for the semi liberal regime to make its first concession.

But the justice department thinks the decision is reasonable. These resolutions are “the result of an individual analysis” and take into account that, according to the official gazette, the prisoners on trial “have served more than six months’ imprisonment” since the last level 3 recommendation. “During these six months, they were placed in a three-year prison environment and have served or will serve a quarter of their sentence in the next 15 days,” he added.

According to the Ministry of justice, this is “long enough” to “confirm the positive development of prisoners”. He recalled that they had previously enjoyed a more flexible system of prison life, such as rule 100 (2) of the rules of procedure, which allowed them to go out to work or take care of family members every day, or the same tertiary system, which allowed them to spend a day without any incident.

The decision was made hours before the start of the autonomous election campaign. In principle, if the judiciary does not object, the election will begin on February 14. Last December, the Supreme Court removed the third tier, saying it was too early. However, the classification of prisoners is regularly reviewed every six months.