“Ivan, What Are You Doing “We Abstain, Adriana.”

2021-01-28   |   by CusiGO

They spent a few minutes in Congress at noon on Thursday. The deadline for telematics voting has just ended. Half of the MPs have made their decision. There is no turning back. The government, who spent the last hour in pain, thinks Congress will overturn the most important decree, European fund management, who put the administration in neighboring Italy, thinks it has an unexpected last asset. There are rumors that Vaux has abstained.

Socialists already know that some members of the party abstained in the telematics vote that began the day before. The Socialists voted on Wednesday. Vox, too, but we need to confirm. Speaker Ivan Espinosa de Los Monteros delivered a contradictory speech from the podium: he attacked the law, but at the same time said that vox hoped that businessmen and businessmen who needed the money would receive it as soon as possible. Adriana Lastra, a spokesman for the PSOE, needs to confirm that the law was rescued by Vox, which is a completely unexpected turning point.

Rastra is always looking for a call in her cell phone. He didn’t get close to Espinosa de Los Monteros, which was a picture of the day, but he called Espinosa de Los Monteros.

-After this speech, Ivan, I don’t know. What exactly did you vote for? He asked.

-We abstained, Adriana.

The PSOE and the government hold their breath. Nevertheless, the vote was not won by the usual majority. There are no citizens. Even bildu’s last strike is always controversial. There are 173 executives left and 178 potential NOEs. It was vox’s 52 seats that saved the government.

Socialists believe that the vote is not decisive, because on Wednesday, citizens were expected to abstain and save the vote, but everything failed, and the San Diego Abbas Carr group avoided failure. When he had voted, he knew that his abstention would be decisive. It’s 19 hours of hell. Rastra breathed a sigh of relief and went out to smoke. Vice President Carmen Calvo thanks vox for voting, although she didn’t mention it.

The martyrdom began at 5 p.m. on Wednesday. Just minutes before he tweeted about it, Gabriel ruffian confirmed to Rastra what he was worried about: the ERC would be rejected. Republicans insisted that they had issued a warning a few days ago, and socialists said they thought the Catalan election was a complete surprise. ERC’s campaign was focused on attacking El Salvador and Iraq, and on the day the campaign began, it was unable to save the government. Of the 188 votes in the budget, one is falling. Below 176, failure is possible. Everyone mobilized. Calvo, Jos é Antonio Montilla, Secretary of state for relations with the court, and Felix bolanios, Secretary General of the presidential palace, Rastra himself, Rafael simancas, her right hand. We have to get him out.

You’ll soon find that the key is citizens, with 10 members. But no one left. PNV, bildu, com pormis, most countries, Teruel exists, CC, NC, PRC. Everyone counts. Boranios calls Carlos square, his usual citizen interlocutor. He was angry because when CKD failed, they always came to him. It happens in an alarm state. But it seems possible to abstain. Everyone complains that the government always calls late and acts as if it has an absolute majority. So are allies.

Calvo talks to Inigo erechon (more countries) later in the evening. Your two votes are decisive. He wants to get a commitment to study shortening working hours, which is one of his star measures. Calvo assumes that a 50 million euro pilot project will be launched to prove this. More countries have asked for this in their budgets, but without success. But now the vote is more valuable, and the agreement ends on the first thing in the morning, when you two talked about it several times. PNV, this is hesitation, yes. Bildu also took action after the high-level talks. They went from abstention to approval. In La Moncloa, they’ll fall asleep and think it’s done. At least, like other times, like Sanchez’s inauguration, but it did happen.

But the bad news is in the morning. Citizens will vote against it because C’s people’s party claims that the government has not given them what they want and guarantees that there will be an independent body to supervise the fund. In the executive branch, they pointed out that there was no real negotiation and CS was under pressure from Catalans. It all broke down. There was a last try with Ferran bell from pdecat. It’s worth four members abstaining, but Catalonia’s election won’t work. There will be no more than 173 governments.

In La Moncloa, there was a scene where a new law had to be made. Some people think that after Catalans, there will be no problem in approving it. But the situation is delicate. The image of failure on a central issue will be very difficult.

In Congress, they are calmer. The Socialists will certainly abstain. But no one will believe it until Rastra calls Espinosa Delos Monteros. The law has been saved. But he did it in the way PSOE least wanted.