In The Most Uncertain Battle, The Leaders Were Shot Down

2021-01-28   |   by CusiGO

Spanish politicians believe that the election in Catalonia will be the most uncertain, so whether the election in Catalonia will be held on February 14 is still in the air. Political parties see this as the only election of key strategic significance in 2021, so the national leader landed in Catalonia on Thursday and is ready to play an important role in the election. He launched a Catalan social reconciliation program. Pablo Casado, the leader of the people’s party, and ines arrimadas, the citizen leader, also bowed in their respective activities, both highlighting the insecurity caused by the limitations of the epidemic.

As we all know, the battle of Catalonia will have a significant impact on national policy. The Social Democratic Party (SPD) has put a lot of money on the table by sending a most respected minister, the Minister of health, as a candidate. Sanchez planned to visit Catalonia five times, and the president and El Salvador IRA announced the format of their campaign: a speech at the team site with an audience of no more than 12 people. The PSC candidate insists on a motto of “Reunion”: “we have to make progress in reconciliation, respect and recognition of others because he thinks we are different. Destroy the idea of good Catalans and bad Catalans. ” Sanchez called for a referendum on the PSC to leave them with a “fruitless Mustang” and “no complaints, look forward and learn from their mistakes”.

The section on the reconciliation plan in the PSC election plan calls for the restoration of the previous idea of establishing a dialogue table between the parties represented in parliament, and for “abandoning the solution of substantive problems through unilateral, unrealistic or under majority solutions”. The socialists made it clear in the text that “without the support of at least two-thirds of the parliament, the rules to ensure the coexistence of all cannot be changed”. EVA Granados, Iraq’s number two figure, explained to the country that under no circumstances do they believe that self-determination is legitimate within the current constitutional framework: “if independence gains a two-thirds majority, they can advance self-determination, provided that it is a competence recognized in the statute, But this is not the case. ” In 2019, Mikel iceta, PSC leader and new territorial policy minister, said in an interview, “if 65% of the population wants independence, democracy must find a mechanism to guide independence.”.

The Catalan socialist programme 2017 details constitutional and constitutional reforms that are no longer one of its goals in these elections. “It’s a wish,” Granados said. “We put it aside because we know it won’t happen in the next few years.” “If the current political polarization is not overcome, this reform will not be implemented in the current situation,” wrote the PSC’s agenda.

Leaders and citizens of the National People’s party will also take part in the election. Seven marriages, thirteen. The popular leader argued in Barcelona yesterday that “only the people’s party can guarantee real change in Catalonia” because, just as the socialists and ERC reached a budget agreement, “if they increase the budget on February 14, the ILA will do the same.”. CS leaders called for a vote to change the government, so Catalans “re embrace.”. The most open and strangest campaign has begun.