Fake Weddings Worth Inheriting

2021-01-28   |   by CusiGO

David Vargas, 46, appeared in court with a simple black cane. She said that on July 1, 2008, she married leono, a parishioner in her parish, who has been her partner for the past few years, angel. The excommunicated priest said the old woman wanted to “stop living in sin” and asked to get married on the day she was called martyr San leono. Vargas provided specific details of a very “cautious” ceremony, a collection of “no communion,” which he said was held at the saint’s chapel in the Diocese of castellate, Saint Vicente.

The prosecution argued that the wedding had never been held. This is a montage designed by Leonardo with the help of a priest after the death of 80 year old angel like her in November 2008. Prosecutors said both men were “trying to get rich illegally.”. The man died, had no children, had no will, and was not married, so Lionel knew he could get nothing. “When we got a call saying that my brother and I were heirs, she was nervous. I told him not to suffer, he would stay at home until he died. But he didn’t comply and started the rally, “said Isabel, the deceased’s niece.

The old bride died three years ago, so only her daughter was sitting in the dock, and she signed her name on the dock as a liaison and so-called witness of the priest. The prosecutor demanded that El moss รจ n be sentenced to eight years’ imprisonment for forgery and fraud. One expert said one of the main evidence was that the angel’s signature had been forged. “It’s a decal signature, but not very good. No matter who did it, it’s not meticulous, he doesn’t have his own characteristics, “he said.

Vargas was expelled from the Catholic Church for “compromising” with a gay man. In 2019, he was arrested for a millionaire fraud against an elderly woman and was remanded pending trial, which is still under investigation. He is not the only one dedicated to maintaining that connection in the trial of a fake wedding. A group of witnesses close to him – the sacristans who helped him clean up the parish, a friend who came to the parish from castron that day – also claimed that they saw a wedding, or something like it. Leono’s daughter has also been accused of saying that if there is no memory of this connection, it is because they have to be cautious. “In this town, they are very stingy, they are jealous of them, because they are a good couple.” Before complaining about “horror,” she said she paid taxes on her mother’s estate when her mother fraudulently registered her marriage in the civil register.

One of them, Rosario P., did not remember whether the wedding was on the altar or in the chapel, nor did he see them say, “yes, I do.”. But he said he congratulated them when he left the church. Another assistant, Rosario P., thought it was a strange wedding. She sat in the last row and saw nothing. But the priest told her he was going to marry, and she believed it. “It sounds like a wedding, but you two are singing solo there… Too bad.”

The police chief of the investigation is a bottle of cold water in defense of the priest. In addition to the alleged forged signature, other signs also wrinkled investigators’ noses. In the reminder of seeing angel off in the mortuary, Lionel is called “his partner”, not his wife. However, in his so-called death certificate four months after the wedding, he was identified as “single.”. Leono’s family told investigators that there were no photos or banquets, but they went to the Las Palmeras de calaira de Mar Hotel for a few days. “They told us they were not there.”