Congress Vetoed A Bill Limiting The Power Of The Acting Judiciary.

2021-01-28   |   by CusiGO

Congress rejected efforts to limit the law reform process, and both parties in the government tried to limit the power of the General Council of Justice (cgpj) during its term. On Thursday, the house of Representatives rejected amendments to the entire text submitted by the Catalan people’s party, Vox, citizens and coalition party.

Although during the past two years, most parliaments have been increasingly critical of the executive and continue the process of allocating judicial posts, PSOE and UNIDO can work hard to push forward the new law as soon as possible. Because of this urgency, both sides advocate that the matter be included in the special plenary meeting to be held on Thursday (before the formal meeting begins on Monday) to confirm the decrees passed by the government in December last year, including the enactment of the European fund allocation plan. On the basis of this debate, the house of representatives also clarified the reform process by rejecting all four amendments.

Anti reform groups (all centrists and right-wing groups, including the independence wing of junts) complained about speeding up the process outside the regular session. Everyone believes that there are other priorities in the country at the moment. “When I went for coffee, the waiter asked me,” how’s the justice department? ” Edmondo Barr, a spokesman for the public, said sarcastically.

The opposition’s focus is not on the content of the reform, which hardly affects one article of the justice act, but on the government’s proposal a few months ago to allow Congress to nominate its cgpj candidates by a simple absolute majority. While the administration and its allies argue that an institution that has expired cannot continue to function fully, the opposition accuses him of trying to end the separation of powers. But the right is not short of attacking each other. While both the PP and the PP are basically defending the same thing – all the PP vowels are appointed by judges – they are beginning to accuse it of being a weapon, calling it a “cowardly right winger.”. The people’s party and the citizens did support each other’s amendment, but it was still rejected by more than two-thirds of the members.